Water safety is an issue that we can all relate to; after all, our health depends on it, so it is not at all surprising that both UK residents and foreigners commonly ask this question. Tourists who are visiting the country or people settling down in the United Kingdom want to know if tap water is safe for consumption, or whether they should drink bottled water instead.

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Water quality standards in the UK are rigorous, so tap water is safe to drink throughout the country, unless it is indicated otherwise by the property that you are staying at or by the water company in your region.

The taste of UK tap may seem strange for non-residents, who are often put off by its taste. This is because water in the UK is very hard (i.e. high in minerals), which can impair its taste. This is why some people choose to drink bottled water instead, which compared to tap water is unfortunately much more expensive. Some people find that chilling tap water improves the taste of it, while others choose to improve the taste by installing a water filter tap or an under-sink water filter. Lime-scale is a problem in many households, as many kitchen appliances can become damaged or fail to function properly, which leads to costly repair works or the need for replacements. To keep water hardness under control, we recommend using water softeners, which inhibit scale build-up.

The chlorine used in the sanitation process of municipal water is another factor that affects the taste and odour of water. Installing a water filter in your home can help you deal with water hardness, remove chlorine as well as other substances that may be present in your tap water.

A water filter system will not only make your tap water safer and better tasting, but it will also prove to be a better investment than bottled water. If you live in a smaller household a point-of-use water filter like the Doulton HIP Ultracarb Water Filter System will suffice. This filter combines ceramic filtration with the outstanding water filtering capabilities of activated carbon and offers a comprehensive protection against a large spectre of contaminants found in water. For bigger households, we advise you to opt for a whole house water filtration system like the Watts Premier Triple Whole House Water Filter System, which combines a sediment filter, a granular activated filter cartridge and a carbon block cartridge to provide you dependable and great tasting filtered water.