It is no secret by now that fizzy sugary drinks are a hazard to your health due to their high sugar content coupled with acidity. But does the same apply to sparkling water? Is sparkling water bad for you or is it just as healthy as normal water?

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Some of the health concerns associated with sparkling water are the same concerns that are associated with drinking cola-flavoured fizzy drinks. Thus, people are mostly concerned that drinking carbonated water will leech calcium from their bones and cause osteoporosis or that sparkling water may harm their teeth or stomach. But are these actually true? Is drinking sparkling water really as bad for you as drinking soft drinks?

While a study has found that drinking cola and other soft drinks can lead to low bone mineral density in women, the same does not hold true for sparkling water. Cola beverages contain phosphorus, which can cause loss of calcium in the body, which does not happen in the case of sparkling water consumption. Similarly, sparkling water does not cause tooth decay. Although slightly acidic, sparkling water is not even nearly as acidic as soft drinks like Cola or Pepsi. In fact, sparkling water is just 1% as acidic as these types of beverages.

Another misconception surrounding carbonated water is that it damages your stomach or can cause IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Sparkling water does not cause IBS, however, if you’re already suffering from IBS, then drinking sparkling water can cause you some discomfort like bloating and gas, and can lead to IBS flare-ups. Thus, if you’re struggling with this disease it’s best that you drink still water instead. In otherwise healthy people, sparkling water does not cause any damage to the stomach, in fact studies have found that sparkling water can actually help digestion.

If you are not crazy about drinking still water, and you feel that your water needs a little…spark, then you should try drinking sparkling water instead. It has the same benefits as drinking plain water, and it’s even better if it can also help you steer clear of sugary sodas.

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