Lemon water has received endless praise as the go-to drink for pretty much everything. Put on a high pedestal by the wellness community and celebrities, it seems that there is nothing that lemon water can’t do – it is said to boost the immune system, help you lose weight, do away with your wrinkles, help with digestion and anxiety, you name it!

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Lemon water is made by squeezing fresh lemon juice and mixing it with warm water. Drink it in the morning instead of coffee or tea, and you’re on the lemon water diet that everybody seems to follow nowadays. But does this two ingredient drink live up to the hype? Is lemon water actually good for you?

Benefits of drinking lemon water

Undoubtedly, lemon contains a lot of beneficial elements such as Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, which are all essential to a healthy diet. The recommendation to drink lemon water in the morning is also a good thing. During the night, your body dehydrates and drinking fluids as soon as you get up is a good way to rehydrate. Compared to coffee or tea, which can have diuretic effects, lemon water may actually be a better rehydrator than other morning drinks. Even calorie-wise, lemon water seems to be a superior choice compared to fruit juice or coffee, which can contain a fair amount of calories, unless you drink it without sugar or milk.

Side-effects of drinking lemon water

With so many benefits lined up in favour of lemon water, what are its disadvantages, if any? While celebrities and some nutritionists can’t have enough of lemon water, other nutritionists advise against going overboard with lemon water as consuming too much of it can have some drawbacks.

For starters, lemon water is not good for your teeth. The acid in lemon leads to tooth enamel erosion, so you need to watch out. Preferably drink lemon water through a straw and take care of your teeth. Another side-effect of lemon water is that in can cause heartburn for some people, and if your lemon water contains too much lemon, it can also have a diuretic effect, which counters lemon water’s purported excellent hydration-related properties.

The claim that lemon water can help you lose weight is not necessarily something that can be attributed to lemon, it’s more an effect of drinking water. Losing weight can’t be achieved only through lemon water or plain water consumption, and it’s more likely to be attributed to a combination between a healthy diet and exercise.

If you really want to try out lemon water, make sure you don’t go overboard with its consumption and use filtered water to prepare it instead of regular tap water.


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