You want to provide the very best for your precious little one, and make sure that when you introduce them to water it is the safest and most nutritious option.  Healthy water is critically important to your baby’s health and filtered water is one of the safest options.  When babies are born, many moms anticipate breast feeding their newborn, but sometimes due to complications babies need formula, that has to be mixed with water. 

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If your baby is drinking formula, mixing it with pure filtered water from your home filtration system provides your baby with water that is free from harmful contaminants.  This is so important, because during their first year of life they are vulnerable to viruses, parasites, and bacterial infections.  While your baby’s immune system is developing, clean, pure water is essential.  When selecting a water filter, keep in mind that it is recommended for children to have small amounts of fluoride.  Fluoride will help prevent tooth decay in the future and aids in strong tooth development for young children.  Many families find that a home filtration system is the easiest and simplest way to ensure that the drinking water for your family is the best quality possible.

Pediatricians, state that breast milk and formula alone for the first four to six months of your baby’s life is all they need.  They begin recommending additional water intake after six months of age.  When you begin introducing water, it is only recommended in small amounts in between meals and not to exceed two to four ounces within a twenty-four hour time period.  As you introduce new solid foods, drinking small amounts water can help soften stools and help with constipation.  After your baby is twelve months old, pediatricians recommend adding milk to their diet, and water in between meals for hydration. 

Keeping your baby adequately hydrated is just as important to their health as it is to your own.  Make sure to always consult your pediatrician, to avoid water intoxication.  Giving babies too much water can cause an electrolyte imbalance that can have serious side effects.  It is a natural response to want to give your little one water when they are ill, but before you do consult your doctor. 

While other forms of providing “pure” water for your baby include, boiling tap water or using bottled water, they do not provide the same safe, pure, and clean qualities as filtered water.  Boiling water can be the cheapest method of sterilizing water, but if boiled for too long it can actually increase the concentration of impurities, and if your water contains nitrates, boiling does not ensure that it is free from this harmful contaminant.  As for bottled water, 40% of bottles with that picture of the beautiful spring contain simple tap water, which leaves you at the beginning of this discussion.  It is simple and cost effective for you to provide the very best for your baby and family, by having an in-home water filtration system.

Filtered water is the safest choice of water to provide for your baby and to use for sterilizing bottles and feeding equipment.  Provide clean, clear, pure, and healthy water for your entire family!

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