If you are looking for the most advanced technology available for in-home water purification, your search ends here.  The Puricom ZIP Portable Reverse Osmosis System requires no installation and provides top of the line reverse osmosis technology for the most pure filtered water available.  With its sleek and modern design and ability to be placed directly on your countertop, this system is the world’s first of its kind, with no instillation, zero waste water, and ZIP mobile reverse osmosis water purifying technology. 

alkaline water filter system_uk

Reverse Osmosis represents state-of-the-art water filtration technology.  Simply, it works by processing water molecules that are pushed through a micro-fine semi-permeable membrane by the use of water pressure. The system is equipped with a pump, in order to increase pressure.  This pressure forces the water through the membrane leaving behind contaminants and other unwanted substances.  The substances that are left behind are diverted to storage, so they are not left in the system to cause any buildup within the machine and keeping the membrane clean.  Our online water filter shop also provides alkaline filters that can be added to any of their reverse osmosis systems, but the Puricom ZIP Portable System already comes with it. It’s capable of ionizing your drinking water, resulting in better taste and healthier purer water for your health.

This system is able to provide you with the highest quality water you can get.  It is easy to use and has a single dial for all functions.  This countertop system is very simple to use.  All you have to do is plug it in, fill the pitcher and place it into the ZIP purifier and turn it on and within minutes you can be enjoying reverse osmosis water.  WaterFilterShop.co.uk provides a variety of filters that on average need to be changed every year.  These are guidelines.  Your unit will prompt you when your filter needs to be changed to ensure you quality water every time. 

Also eco-friendly, this system uses a patented recirculation system and does not connect to the drain.   The system produces zero waste.   The water that is not used for drinking is stored in the system and can be used for washing, watering plants, or other non-drinking purposes.  Statistically, this system has a fifty-percent recovery rate, for every two liters of water that is put in the system, one liter is purified that is drinkable and the other liter is stored and can be used for other purposes. 

 The Puricom ZIP portable reverse osmosis system will give you peace of mind knowing that the water you are consuming and providing for your family is delicious and the purest water available.  It is truly a piece of art for your home and quite possibly the best investment for your health.  Get one for yourself or give one as a gift this holiday season and beginning seeing the glass as half full.