Before deciding to install a water filter in your kitchen, some fundamental questions should be answered first. You might be lost in the woods when it comes to finding the best possible filtration system for your home, and that is totally understandable. 

Whether you are looking to have safe-to-drink potable water on tap or you just want to improve the quality of the water you use for household tasks, there is a broad range of high-quality water filters you can choose from.

But as you might already have found out, understanding which type of filter works the best for you, is a complete task to solve. No matter the amount of research you have done, you might still have some simple questions you couldn’t find a satisfying answer for. 

In our previous articles, we have already discussed the importance of having access to clean drinking water and we also talked about the benefits of water filter systems. 

Today, let’s focus on the aspects of choosing a professional water treatment system and the reasons why should you get it installed in your home kitchen.

Is Unfiltered Tap Water Safe to Drink?

To be realistic, this question is very common in every household. We all try to take care of our health and to protect ourselves from harmful chemicals. There are a lot of ways to detect contaminants in your water, such as noticing a strange smell, taste or changes of colour. 

These are obviously worrisome signs. But what happens when everything seems to be normal,  yet you still suspect that your water might be not safe to drink? 

To dispel all doubts, the first thing you need to do is to get a clear picture on the quality of your water. Get your water tested! After seeing the results you will get a clear picture of what you are dealing with exactly.

1. Water treatment process and chemicals 

What you need to know is that tap water is not completely pure even if it undergoes the treatment process. The general purification process is built on the use of two powerful chemical disinfectants, chlorine and chloramine. These two effectively target disease causing bacteria in the water, but unfortunately there is a long list of other harmful contaminants that can exist in your water. 

A broad range of viruses, cysts, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants can be in your water. One of the main reasons why people choose to drink bottled or filtered water is because of the added or naturally occurring contaminants, such as fluoride or any other unhealthy chemicals. 

2. Microbiological issues due to industrial and agricultural pollution

Another reason people are concerned when it comes to consuming unfiltered water straight from the tap is the industrial or agricultural pollution. Most of the households are directly connected to the municipal water supply, but some rely on a private water well. 

In the case of these types of households it is not unusual to have contamination problems from a microbiological perspective. Luckily, treating your water with a professional water filter offers a quick and reliable solution to these issues. 

For instance, you can remove microbiologically unsafe and harmful chemicals with the help of a professional UV filter. UV filters are the best at dealing with microbiological problems! They are efficient at removing a wide range of chemicals, chemical by-products, disease-causing bacteria, and other impurities as well. 

Why do You Need a Water Filter in Your Kitchen? 

As you can see, whether your household is connected to the municipal water supply or it relies on a private well,  there might be a wide range of different contaminants existing in your water.

To make sure that the water you consume day by day does not harm your own or your family’s health, it is essential to test your water and to make some important choices, such as installing a professional water filter system. 

But why should you do that?


  • Stay on the safe side


First, installing a water filter in your kitchen home is the best way to make sure that everyone in your household consumes safe-to-drink water. The kitchen tap is usually the place where we go if we are thirsty or we want to cook our meal. Stay on the safe side and make sure that the water your household is consuming on a daily basis is the best quality possible. 


  • No more bottled water


Another great reason for getting a water filter installed in your kitchen home is that you can finally switch from drinking bottled water to filtered tap water. Unfortunately, even if bottled water may not contain chemical impurities, some brands sell reprocessed tap water. 

Besides this, drinking bottled water significantly increases your expenses and your carbon footprint. So switching to filtered tap water will definitely be a good choice from not only a financial point of view, but it will also be a more eco-friendlier option. 

How to Choose a Tap Water Filter in Your Kitchen Home?

Now let’s see what are the features you should take into consideration when choosing a tap water filter:

  1. Compatibility: Make sure that your kitchen tap water filter is compatible with any type of under-sink water filter. Think of the future, having a compatible filter installed will make it easier later to try out different filters from other brands than your current one. 
  2. Separate waterways: If your tap system doesn’t have a separate water path for hot/cold and filtered water, then there is a potential risk that your already filtered water will become contaminated again. 
  3. Metal-free tap: Opt for a metal-free tap to avoid contamination by metal particles. 
  4. Easy-to-install: Water treatment systems that are easy to install are always the best choice. This way you won’t need to call a plumber and pay expensive fees, you can install your filter yourself without having any specific plumbing skills. 
  5. Easy maintenance: Last, but not least, take into consideration the annual maintenance cost of your filter. Don’t forget, the purchase price and the maintenance cost will give you the real value of the investment.


All in all, installing a professional tap water filter system in your kitchen home will save you headaches and safety concerns. Opt for a high quality option, so you won’t have to worry about the health risks caused by drinking contaminated water. 

Luckily, starting from professional UV filters to innovative reverse osmosis water filters, you have a broad range of high quality products you can choose from. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team of filter experts at