Inline Water Filters – Worth It?

Inline water filters are a type of under-sink water filter that is installed directly on your mains cold water line. As an under-sink water filter subset, inline water filters have many applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Inline water filters are also often used in home appliances like fridges, coffeemakers, or in commercial settings in water dispensers, water coolers, coffee machines, etc.

Most shower filters are also inline filters, and some reverse osmosis filter systems will also use an inline water filter in their final stage of filtration.

Inline water filters do seem like they have many applications, and one of their primary benefits is that they save a lot of space, but are they a good fit for you? Let’s see what you should know about inline water filters before buying one.

Features of Inline Water Filters

Before you buy an inline water filter, you should consider the following:

Inline water filters are always on

This means that every time you turn on the cold water tap, you get filtered water. Compared to traditional under-sink water filters, which allow you to have unfiltered hot and cold water, and filtered cold water via an additional kitchen tap, inline water filters will filter all the cold water that flows through your water line.

Inline water filters save space

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen cabinet or on your kitchen counter to accommodate the bulky hardware that comes with some water filters, inline water filters can be an elegant solution to save space.

Inline filters are durable

Inline water filters can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. We recommend purchasing a filter with a longer service life, so you can save costs on filter replacement. However, we also recommend you to monitor the quality of your filtered water, and replace your filter whenever you notice changes in the quality of your water, even if that means replacing it before the filter reaches the end of its service life.

Inline filters work well even in low pressure environments

Besides saving space, inline water filters are also preferred to other filter solutions due to their good performance even in low pressure environments like caravans, boats, motorhomes, etc.

User friendly installation & replacement for some applications

If you’re installing an inline shower filter or a snap-in/snap-out type of fridge filter, you don’t need any plumbing skills, and you will probably set up your new shower filter or fridge filter in a couple of minutes.

Installing an inline water filter under your kitchen sink or installing one in a water cooler, may be a bit more difficult, and you may need the help of a plumber. Same goes for replacing the filter once it has reached the end of its service life.

Inline water filters usually contain a blend of different types of filter media

Depending on their purpose, inline water filters usually contain granular activated carbon or a blend of ceramic spheres, which allow better flow rates, and remove chlorine, limescale, and other tap water contaminants.

Inline shower filters are great for anyone suffering from skin conditions that may be exacerbated by bathing in chlorinated water.

Recommended Inline Filters

Whether you’re looking for an inline shower filter, and inline fridge filter or an inline filter for your boat or caravan, we have you covered!

H2O Inline Shower Filter SHH-IL-CP

This inline shower filter from H2O has advanced contaminant removal efficiency and long service life. The filter produces water that is gentle on your skin and hair.


Contains proprietary blend of Kinetic Degradation Fluxion filter media;

Removes 99% of chlorine, and additional contaminants like pesticides, organic matter, rust, lead, and other heavy metals;

Kills algae and fungi, and bacteriostatic filter media inhibits bacterial growth;

Replaceable cartridge lasts 9 to 12 months.

Omnipure SCL10 Chlorine Filter With Scale Inhibitor

The Omnipure inline water filter targets chemical disinfectants and scale. The filter is suitable for multiple applications including use as under-sink water filter, fridge filter, water cooler filter, ice machine filter, and use in reverse osmosis systems.


Contains GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and Polyphosphate;

Inhibits scale formation, reduces chlorine and other chemical disinfectants;

Filter is replaceable every 6 months.

Ecopure Eco-8 Inline Water Filter 15mm

The Ecopure Eco-8 is suitable for direct in-line connection to your kitchen tap, fridge filter or water cooler. The filter contains active ceramic spheres that filter down to 1 micron.


Reduces fluoride, removes hormones, bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, THMs, PCBs, and prevents build-up of scale;

Filter lasts for up to 12 months;

Filter media is 100% bio-degradable, filter housing is 100% recyclable;

Re-mineralises water with nutrients.

Ecopure Premium Caravan Inline Water Filter 12mm Push Fittings

The Ecopure Premium is a great filter option for low pressure environments including caravans, boats, and motorhomes. The filter contains active ceramic spheres that remove chlorine, chemical disinfectants, hormones, PCBs, THMs, and heavy metals.

Filters down to 1 micron;

Re-mineralises water and inhibits bacterial growth;

Contains all-natural, biodegradable filter media;

12 mm push fittings allow easy installation;

Filter produces soft, healthy water.

Conclusion: Inline Filters Are Great for Low-Pressure Environments

Inline water filters are great for systems that allow easy installation (e.g. showers, fridges) and in low-pressure environments (e.g. caravans, boats, motorhomes). They are also a great choice for those wanting to save space in their kitchen cabinet.

Even though some inline water filters can have advanced contaminant removal capabilities, they are single-stage filters that target fewer water contamination issues than advanced multi-stage filter systems.

One of the advantages of inline water filters can also be construed as a disadvantage. The fact that inline water filters are “always on” means that you don’t have the option to draw unfiltered water from your kitchen tap, and this translates into more frequent usage, which in turn reduces the service life of your filter.

The inline filters recommended in this article are great for solving the most common tap water contamination issues. These filters work well in low-pressure environments and deliver soft, non-scaling water.


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