If you own a new refrigerator model with a water dispenser, you probably have a fridge water filter fitted in as well. Fridge water filters can only last so long until they need to be replaced, and changing the filters at the recommended intervals is essential for maintaining good tasting and impurities-free water for your fridge to cool.

samsung fridge filter

The general guideline for fridge water filter replacement is that you have to replace them every six months. The actual period may be shorter or longer, depending on the type of filter that you use and the quality of water that you have access to.

Fridge filters usually use granular activated carbon or a ceramic filter media to clean tap water from chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, THMs, bacteria and other unwanted substances and chemicals. The chilled water that your fridge will dispense will taste better once these substances are removed.

Some fridges will have indicators that will alert you when you should change the filter cartridge. If, however, you notice a decrease in flow of the water dispensed by your refrigerator or the water tastes and smells bad, then you should replace your filter earlier than the recommended six months. You should do this also to avoid the build-up of bacteria and mould in your filter cartridges.

When buying a replacement filter, you have two options you can consider: you can buy a fridge water filter of the same brand as your refrigerator or you can buy generic fridge filters compatible with your refrigerator model. Branded filters can be expensive and don’t offer more in terms of filtration capabilities. Generic fridge filters like the Samsung Compatible Fridge Filter manufactured by Watts or the LG Premium Compatible Fridge Filter manufactured by Ecopure are cheaper and have a better performance than their branded counterparts.

There is no need to purchase expensive original refrigerator filters when you can buy the same or even higher quality filters for a lower price. Thus, you can save money and continue to enjoy safe water that is free from chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants.

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