Hard water is common problem for many homeowners in the UK.  It can cause unappealing lime-scale deposits on your kitchen sinks and tap.  This can cause you to spend precious time cleaning and sometimes harsh chemicals are needed to remove it.  A water softener has many benefits for you and your home but the most obvious benefits can be found in the kitchen.  Make harsh cleaning products and hours of scrubbing a thing of the past, by installing a water softener in your home.

EcoSoft Premier 10 liter cabinet time clock water softener

The EcoSoft Premier 10 liter under sink time clock water softener is an ideal option for those seeking to enjoy the benefits of soft water in their homes.  This unit will conveniently fit under your kitchen sink, while still leaving valuable space for storage.  The softener uses block salt, which basically means it exchanges minerals like, calcium and magnesium that can cause hard lime scale, and in turn provides you with scale-free water.  The EcoSoft system simply uses salt to soften your water and does not add any additional minerals or chemicals to it in the process.    In addition, the efficient design has a built in valve analyses system that manages your pattern of water usage and adjusts to ensure that it is using the proper amount of salt.  This system is easy to clean and service and unlike many other products available comes with a double backwash system built in that makes for less-sodium residual.  This simple and easy to use water softening system can keep your kitchen sinks, taps, and water using appliances cleaner and lengthen their overall lifespan.

You find yourself in your kitchen multiple times a day and probably cleaning regularly.  With a water softener statistics show that soft water is twelve times more effective at cleaning dishes, reducing lime-scale buildup and users reported that they used less detergent and lowered energy consumption.  This ultimately will save you money, time, and lower your water usage and bill.  Using soft water in your kitchen on a regular basis will make cleaning easier and decrease the amount of cleaning products you use.  You will notice a visible difference of film on sinks, faucets and surrounding countertop areas, eliminated spots on dishes, silverware, and glasses. That used kettle and dishwasher will shine like they are new.  

Combining your water softener with a home filtration system will provide your family with many benefits.  Pure filtered water that is free of contaminants and harsh minerals combined with a water softener with provide crystal clear water for drinking, cooking, and your morning coffee with just have that extra something you need. 

You can purchase an EcoSoft water softener and start enjoying the many benefits.  Kitchens that use softened water will stay cleaner longer and shine.  Save money, time, and water and spend less time cleaning, and more time doing what you love with your family and loved ones.  Relax and let the water softener do the work and keep your kitchen beautiful and clean.