The United Kingdom is one of the European countries that artificially fluoridates their municipal water supply. Other European countries (e.g. Germany, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, etc.) have either never implemented fluoridation or opted for the cessation of water fluoridation arguing that there is a lack of clear-cut scientific evidence that demonstrates the beneficial effects of fluoridation in preventing or reducing the incidence of tooth decay in the general population. Opponents of fluoridation argue that sodium fluoride is a toxic substance, which is dangerous in high doses. If you fall into the latter category, knowing how to remove fluoride from tap water can put your fluoridation-related health concerns at rest.

Watts EZFITPRO-300 Under Sink Water Filter Kit

Unfortunately, you don’t have a say in what can be used in the disinfection and treatment process of your tap water, but you can take several measures to avoid exposure to substances that you believe may be harmful to your health.

Many people opt for bottled spring water as one way to avoid the exposure to fluoride, as well as exposure to other harmful contaminants such as chlorine. But relying on bottled water for cooking and drinking purposes alike can become very expensive on the long run.

A more economical method to remove fluoride from tap water is to install a water filter that is able to target fluoride as well. The most effective filters against fluoride are activated alumina filters (AA), reverse osmosis, and water deionisers (which use ion-exchange resins).

On you can find several fluoride reduction filter cartridges such as the Activated Alumina Fluoride Reduction Filter Cartridge, the Doulton Fluoride Reduction Candle, which contains an A-2 filter element that contains activated alumina, and the Fluoride + KDF filter, which is also capable of reducing chloramine, chlorine, cysts and other contaminants. You can use these fluoride filter reduction cartridges in under-sink water filers or in other compatible water filter systems.

Our most notable under-sink water filters that use activated alumina are the Watts EZFITPRO-300 and the Watts EZFITPRO-400 Small Whole House Water Filter. Both these filters use a combination of two filter media, one of which is activated alumina, a white granular media that is currently one of the most effective ways to reduce fluoride levels in your water. AA also reduces arsenic and selenium. A further advantage of AA is that it is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and it can be safely used for the removal of fluoride from tap water.