If you own a Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter or a Doulton HIP Ultracarb Water Filter System that uses ceramic filter candles, you probably know that these filters are cleanable. With time, these filter elements can become discoloured or coated with all sorts of contaminants found in your water. Knowing how to clean them can help you prolong the life of these ceramic filter candles and increase the water flow in your filter.

How to clean your ceramic water filter candles

Doulton is a world-famous manufacturer of ceramic filter candles for multiple applications in both gravity water filters and pressure filters. The Sterasyl ceramic is at the heart of all Doulton ceramic filter candles. The complex structure of the ceramic coupled with trace amounts of silver ensure a high level of filtration, and prevents the formation of bacteria on the filter elements.

While still new, these filter candles have a bright white colour. After some use and as a result of the ceramic getting into contact with the contaminants in your water, a yellowish coating will appear on its outer surface, thus, decreasing the flow rate in your filter system.

Following these 3 easy steps can help you remove the contaminants that adhere to the outer surface of your ceramic candles, and renew your Doulton Supercarb or Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Candle:

  1. Remove the ceramic filter from your water filter unit, and handle it with care as the fragile ceramic may break, if dropped.
  2. Cover the threaded mount with a plastic and rubber band to avoid getting any contaminants in.
  3. Place the filter under running water and use a soft toothbrush or cleaning sponge to scrub the filter. Avoid scrubbing towards the direction of the threaded mount. Always brush away from the mount to avoid any contamination.

Once you wash down the outer layer, the old white coloured layer will become visible. Make sure you don’t use any detergent, soap or steel wool to wash or scrub your filter element. Sterasyl ceramic filter candles/cartridges can be cleaned up to 50 times, but always replace the filter elements after 6-9 months of use as the activated carbon media contained by some of these filter cartridges (e.g. Doulton Ultracarb or the Supercarb) get exhausted much sooner than the ceramic.

If you accidentally drop the ceramic filter candle and it doesn’t break, you can test your candles for fissures. Dry the filter for 24 hours and once it’s dry, submerge it under water while holding your hand on the outlet to keep the air in. If there are any cracks, you will see bubbles emerging from the water. Unfortunately, this means that you need to replace the filter element.