Shower filters can help you to enjoy blissful shower times without the risk of inhaling chlorine or other harmful contaminants. Chlorine and other chemical disinfectants can break down the natural protective oils on your skin and hair, making them dried out and flaky. By choosing the right shower filter, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing shower, without exposing yourself to water that is hostile to your skin and hair.

deluxe shower filter head

In order to get the best out of your shower filter, here are our three simple tips on how to choose a shower filter:

Good filter media

To make sure your shower filter gets out all the elements that are a potential threat to your skin and hair, choose a shower filter that contains KDF, ceramic or activated carbon (preferably coconut shell-based activated carbon) filter media. The Puricom Ivory GAC KDF Inline Shower Filter combines coconut shell activated carbon and KDF filtration media to obtain filtered water that is gentle on your hair and skin.

Easy installation

As you will regularly have to change the filter cartridges, it is probably best to choose a filter that is easy to install and replace. Inline shower filters like the above-mentioned Puricom Ivory or the H2O Inline Shower Filter are good examples of filters that are simply attached to your shower hose. Handheld shower filters are also quite easy to install and you can even take them with you if you’re travelling. Simply screw them on to your shower hose, and you’re all ready for a pampering shower experience. You can even opt for handheld shower filters with spray settings if you enjoy them more over the classic ones. The Ecopure Eco-18 Shower Filter has 3 spray settings and contains active ceramic spheres that remove bacteria, chlorine, and reduce lime-scale.

Long service life

No filter lasts forever, so expect that you will have to replace these filters a few times per year. Try to find a shower filter that will last at least 6 months. In this way, you can minimise replacement costs and maximise the time that you can enjoy contaminant-free showers. If you’re buying a handheld shower filter make sure their filter cartridge is replaceable, so you don’t have to replace it in full each time the filter cartridge reaches the end of its service life.

With these quick tips in mind you can start browsing for shower filters that will transform your shower experience into a more safe, relaxing, and pampering experience. Your hair and skin will maintain their natural balance, and as a result you’ll become more radiant too.