Those who spend a lot of time camping or travelling to remote rural areas, where clean water may be hard to come by, know the importance of owning a portable filtration system like gravity water filters, which don’t require a connection to a mains water supply or electricity, and are still able to perform well. These gravity-fed filter systems are a means to open up access to water sources that otherwise may be unfit for drinking purposes.

Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter

And because water safety is an issue that should not be treated lightly, here are some recommendations on how to choose a gravity water filter for your travels or home use:

  1. Quality filtration: Because you will be potentially using your system to filter water of questionable quality, you need to be sure it filters out all the nasty substances that may cause illnesses or have adverse effects on your health. This includes parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Look into a gravity filter unit that has the reputation of being used in emergency aid situations. Doulton gravity water filter units like the Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter with ATC Super Sterasyl Candles are known to be a trustworthy filtration option that can live up to the challenges posed by ensuring easy access to safe water. Gravity-fed filters that use ceramic filter media in combination with activated carbon are products worth investing in.
  2. Filtered water output: Ideally, you want your gravity water filter to be able to produce an entire day’s worth of water. It is hard to gauge the exact amount of water you’ll be needing, especially if you’re a first-time traveller to a remote area. Just to be on the safe side, it’s best to oversize your filter, rather than opting for a smaller unit. In terms of capacity, the Propur™ Big Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System is ideal for 2-4 people, having a capacity of 10.4 litres.
  3. Stainless Steel construction: Make sure the chambers of your filter are made from stainless steel. This is not only important because stainless steel is rust-resistant and it is easier to clean, but also because it is lightweight, which is a big plus in terms of portability. A stainless steel construction also ensures that your filter can withstand the wear and tear of travelling. Both the Doulton and the Propur gravity filters are made from stainless steel.
  4. Filter replacement: In the case of gravity-fed water filters, filter replacement is simple. Some filters may need more frequent changing, others can last for 12 months. But even with filters that claim to last that long, make sure you choose a system that uses self-sterilising filter cartridges that are impregnated with trace amounts of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the filter elements.

Gravity-fed water filters are versatile in the sense that they are a reliable companion on your “off the map” travels, but they excel even as a countertop water filter for your home kitchen. They are also able to remove those contaminants that are more typically present in tap water rather than in natural water sources (e.g. chlorine, by-products of chlorine, chemical disinfectants, etc.). When you’re not on the road, you can continue to use your unit at home or give it a rest — whichever you prefer!