Changing your filter cartridge is part of the periodic maintenance required for any water filter. Water filter cartridges cannot be used indefinitely and their replacement is essential for the proper functioning of all water filter systems, and it ensures that the water supplied by your filter system is dependably clean. The actual frequency of cartridge replacement largely depends on your water quality as well as various other factors detailed below.

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The importance of cartridge changes should not be underestimated as they are essentially the heart of your filter system, which is responsible for providing you reliable and clean filtered water.

Quality of water

Tap water quality varies from region to region. Some areas have hard water; in other areas, tap water contains too many sediments and other impurities. Some filter systems come with water testing strips that can help you analyse the quality of your tap water. Thus, the frequency at which you will have to change your cartridges will depend on the level and type of impurities found in your water. For example, many Brita water filter taps are equipped with a cartridge change indicator and come with a water hardness test strip that you can use to determine the water hardness level in your municipal water supply. Depending on the indicated level, you can program the cartridge replacement indicator to sound an alarm when it has reached its maximum filtering capacity.

For filter replacements that are not equipped with cartridge change alarms, reputable web shops will send out automatic water filter cartridge replacement reminders for water filters purchased from them. The option to enrol in these electronic reminder programs is available for several water filter products at our web shop as well.

Filter capacity

The filtering capacity of your fridge filter, shower filter or drinking water filter is also a factor that you will have to take into account. Filtering capacity is usually determined in litres and can range from 1000 litres to 6000 litres, or even more, depending on the model and brand of your filter. Usually, in case of normal water quality and usage, most water filter replacements will last approximately 6 months.


Higher usage will demand more frequent replacements. In places like restaurants where water usage is higher than in a domestic setting, cartridges need to be replaced more often.

Because water filter manufacturers understand the importance of dependable water quality, all brands and filters contain information regarding how often should you perform your water filter cartridge replacement.