Allergies and Asthma can be triggered by multiple factors and most people that suffer from sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and other dreaded symptoms are often seeking relief.  There are over-the-counter medications, that can temporarily relieve symptoms, or even immunotherapy that can help provide relief by introducing the allergens to your body and allowing antibodies to build up.  You can try these methods or take a look at your home environment and make a change. 

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Physicians focus primarily on air quality in the home to cut down on exposure to allergens that can trigger your allergic reactions and/or asthma.  Many studies have been done that show the benefits of pure filtered water versus tap water, proving it is effective in relieving symptoms and provides long term relief.  Adding a home filtration system, changing your shower heads and kitchen faucets are all ways of making a lifestyle change to improve your health. 

The contaminants that are found in unfiltered water, specifically chlorine, can help kill many forms of bacteria, but is commonly found to be a trigger for an allergy or asthma attack for children and adults.  While doctors recommend water with trace amounts of fluoride in it for young children to prevent tooth decay, for people with asthma and allergies, fluoride can compromise their health.  Either of these chemicals can cause an allergic skin reaction or trigger an asthma attack.  These chemicals are found in all forms of unfiltered water that you may be using on a daily basis. 

More recent studies, conducted by physicians, have found that dehydration can also intensify an allergic response or asthma.  The study stated that, the lack of water vapors in the lungs causes the airways to constrict and the lungs to not produce mucus.  For example, you are allergic to pollen in the air, your body has been introduced to a foreign antigen and as it tries to get rid of it, your body lacks the fluids to excrete it out if you are not properly hydrated, leading to an allergy or asthma attack.  Simply keeping your body properly hydrated with pure water makes it easier for you to cleanse your system of foreign antigens and live a healthy life.

 By installing under sink water filtration devices or a system with reverse osmosis filtration technology in your home you can protect yourself and your family.  Since it has been proven that tap water contains contaminants that can make people’s conditions worse, making the switch to filtered water is a suggested change.  Reverse osmosis filtration systems are effective at removing these harmful chemical and pollutants from your water by using pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.  You will be drinking water that is cleaner and you will be able to enjoy a warm shower without breathing or absorbing harmful contaminants and even your air purifier or humidifier will function better to provide you will an allergen free environment. 

Consuming and using pure filtered water in your daily life is a real and effective treatment of relief that may be right for you. Understanding what triggers your allergies and asthma is important, and installing a home filtration system gives you control over your home environment and can improve your health.  It may be the one thing that works for you and provides the long lasting relief you have been searching for.

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