Ceramic water filters are one of the most versatile filters used by homeowners around the world to obtain purified water in a natural way, without resorting to any chemicals. As a natural filter media, ceramic is known to have a microporous surface that can filter out organic and inorganic contaminants down to sub-micron levels. Ceramic filter candles and filter elements manufactured by Doulton are probably the most widespread and most efficient type of ceramic filters used both in pressure systems and gravity water filters.

ceramic water filter

In this article, we’ll examine how ceramic water filters work and why you should consider a ceramic water filter for your home.

How it works

The small pore size of the ceramic filter media traps contaminants that are larger than the pore size of the ceramic, thus blocking them from passing to the clean side of the filter element and preventing them from ending up into your filtered water. Ceramic filters can filter out a variety of contaminants including bacteria, cysts, and protozoa, which is why ceramic filters are also used in gravity water filter systems. Apart from their use in gravity-fed filter systems, ceramic candles are also used in pressure systems such as under-sink water filters or whole house water filtration systems. Activated ceramic spheres are also used in shower filters alongside or independently of granular activated carbon.

Because ceramic filters cannot remove chemical contaminants like chlorine, the filter elements often have activated carbon inserts that help with the removal of chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Some ceramic filter cartridges are treated with silver to prevent the formation of bacteria, mould or algae on the surface of the filter.

Advantages of ceramic filters

Unlike activated carbon filters that become saturated with contaminants after prolonged usage, ceramic filter candles are cleanable and reusable. Of course, like all filters, they too have a certain life span at the end of which they need to be replaced. Ceramic filters are an affordable solution to efficient domestic water filtration and they can be used as stand-alone filters or in conjunction with other filter media in multi-stage water filter systems.

The most representative examples of ceramic filter systems are those manufactured by Doulton, whose impressive line of Sterasyl candles is the most widely used in domestic water filtration applications. Doulton has been manufacturing ceramic filters for over 185 years now, designing highly efficient and economical filters for a variety of water filtration needs.

If you’re looking for a Doulton ceramic filter cartridge or a filter candle for your gravity water filter system or under-sink water filter, check out our selection of ceramic filters:


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