If you are interested in ensuring that you are drinking clean, safe, and healthy water the best option for your home is a water filtration system. All filtration and purification systems require a filtration cartridge or replacement filter. Understanding how to choose the appropriate filter or replacement cartridge that best suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget can be a bit overwhelming with the variety available. The filtration technology available on today’s market is specifically designed to filter out contaminants such as dirt, organic materials, microorganisms, chemicals, and other impurities.

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Filter and replacement cartridges are designed to solve a wide range of drinking water issues. Cartridge types include activated carbon filters, carbon block filter, sediment filters, and alkaline. This quick guide will help you determine which best fits your needs and desires for your drinking water quality.

Activated Carbon Filter

An AC filter is very effective at removing chlorine and it’s by products and other organic compounds. They are made from a natural material like wood, coal, or lignite and are usually activated by steam in order to absorb certain elements, such as dirt and sediment. In optimal conditions and flow rate, the dissolved chemicals flow over the carbon surface and are captured in its extremely porous structure, only allowing pure water to pass through.

Carbon Block Filter

With today’s market demanding more refined technology filtration options, carbon block technology has become a very popular choice. This filter type is by far one of the most effective options at removing sediment, chlorine, a variety of contaminants, and significantly improving the taste of your drinking water. This system uses a very fine filtration, usually 1 micron or less, to effectively remove impurities through a process called absorption and de-ionization.

Sediment Filters

This type of filter creates an effective barrier to remove sediment from your drinking water. Organic contaminants such as dirt, rust, sand, and silt particles from water supplies can be hazardous to your health and cause water to be cloudy and appear unappealing and affect the flavor and odor. Most filters have up to a 5 micron rating and are usually your filtrations systems first line of defense. Adding this filter to your system can extend the life of other filters and protect your system.

Alkaline Filters

An alkaline filter is designed to work in conjunction with a reverse osmosis filter system. RO water can be mildly acidic and the addition of this filter can transform your drinking water to a perfectly balanced and calcium ionized water. This filtration step can add many beneficial nutrients back into your water and improve the taste, clarity, and overall mouth feel. This filter can aid in maintaining optimal health and a pH balanced diet.

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