Water filters come in all shapes and sizes, however, in the great outdoors or in isolated rural areas without access to municipal water supplies and with unreliable natural water sources, producing larger amounts of clean drinkable water can be disheartening. Gravity water filters or gravity fed water filters are an ideal product for hikers, outdoor travellers, expeditions or missionaries. Unlike water filter bottles, gravity water filters have the capacity to filter an entire daily supply of water.

stainless steel gravity filter

Specially designed to be used in places with questionable water sources, gravity fed water filters employ high quality water filtration technologies to provide gallons worth of safe drinking water. Because these filters are developed to be used mainly for the filtering of outdoor water sources like ponds, rivers, streams, lakes, rainwater, etc., they have the capability to remove pathogenic bacteria and cysts. Gravity water filters are also capable of removing pesticides and herbicides, which are two other health risk factors that may be found in outdoor waters.

Some gravity water filter systems are designed to also remove fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and heavy metals providing a reliable water filtration anywhere and anytime. Most systems are also developed with portability in mind, that is, they are small and lightweight enough to be be easily transported, but with a much higher capacity than water bottle filters.

Gravity water filters are fitted with candles or filters usually containing ceramic filter media and are robust and durable in their construction. Some models like the Doulton SS Gravity Water Filter are available in stainless steel construction, which makes them suitable for withstanding all sorts of transport conditions. The ceramic filters are easy to maintain, and some filters are washable, which means that they do not need to be replaced frequently. Whenever the flow rate starts to decline, they should be taken out and scrubbed gently under running water. The ceramic filters of some gravity fed water filters are impregnated with silver, which hinders the development of bacteria.

Gravity filters are easy to operate; simply pour untreated water at the top of the system and after the filter candles – and, of course, gravity – do their jobs, you will have access to ready to drink purified water.

Even though gravity fed water filters are created mainly for outdoor use, they can be used just as successfully for filtering tap water. Being small in size, they can work as a countertop water filter without having to install it on your water supply. Not to mention it will save you money on bottled water.

So if you are an outdoorsy person and you travel to places where you know you will not have access to safe drinking water, a gravity fed water filter will make sure to supply you with healthy drinking water.