Fridge Filters and What You Should Know Before Buying One

You like filtered water, but you prefer it chilled? Sure, you could pop filtered water into the fridge for a quick chill, or you could install a fridge filter and have filtered water dispensed directly from your fridge any time you fancy it.

If your fridge is equipped with a water dispenser or ice maker, chances are that your fridge already has a fridge filter installed. If not, you could have one fitted to enjoy chilled filtered water at your fingertips.

For the most part, fridge filters are inexpensive and easy to replace, but since not all filters are made equal, in this article we deal with the most important things you should know about fridge filters before buying or replacing one.

Benefits of a Fridge Filter

Newer fridges have both a built-in water dispenser and a built-in filter system. The filter system is usually fitted with a fridge filter that snaps in and out for easy replacement.

Older fridge models may have a water dispenser, but not a built-in filter system. These fridges too can be fitted with a water filter, which can be installed inline on the water supply line feeding the water dispenser.

While fridge filters are usually marketed as taste and odour filters, some fridge filters will go beyond removing bad tastes and odours, and will also remove bacteria, chemical contaminants, heavy metals and a host of other contaminants.

Fridge filters are a convenient and inexpensive way to get cool filtered water directly from your fridge’s water dispenser. Both snap-in and inline fridge filters are installed and replaced within minutes, and filters usually have a long service life, making their maintenance very easy.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fridge Filter

Fridge filters are a small investment that can make a significant difference in the quality of your fridge water. Despite being easy to install and maintain, there are a few things you should pay attention to when buying one:

  • Compatibility: When replacing your fridge filter a good rule of thumb is to choose a filter that is of the same brand as your fridge. This will ensure that the filter you choose is a perfect match for the filter system is your fridge. Alternatively, you can go for generic fridge filter replacements that are compatible with your fridge model;
  • Easy installation/replacement: If your fridge filter is a simple snap in – snap out type of filter, easy installation and replacement won’t be an issue. If, however, you need to install an inline fridge filter, choose one that is easy to fit and replace;
  • Contaminant removal: If your fridge only removes taste and odour issues, look into upgrading to a fridge filter with better filtration capabilities;
  • Durability & costs: Think about replacement costs and how often does the filter need changing.Find a fridge filter with a service life of at least 3 months.

Fridge Filter Maintenance Tips

In terms of maintenance, fridge filters don’t require on-going maintenance, only scheduled filter replacements. Failing to replace your fridge filters on time will compromise the quality of your drinking water.

Using your fridge filter beyond its service life will not only compromise the quality of your drinking water, but it could also endanger your health. Not only that the filter media within the filter will stop filtering water, but it will also become a breeding ground for bacteria.

To ensure that your fridge filter is in top shape, make sure to watch out for the following things while using a fridge filter:

  • Check indicator light – some fridge water filter systems have an indicator light that will alert you if something goes wrong with your filter (e.g. if it’s clogged, if it’s time to replace it, etc.). Check the indicator light from time to time so you won’t miss any of the warnings;
  • Check water flow – if the water dispenser in your fridge dispenses water slower than usual, it may be a sign that the filter needs replacing. Replace the filter to see if the problem is fixed;
  • Check water/ice quality – if you notice something strange with the water or ice dispensed by your fridge, it may be time to change your fridge filter. If water or ice has a peculiar taste, odour or appearance, or if you notice tiny deposits in your filtered water, refrain from consuming this water until you’ve replaced your filter;
  • Keep track of time – if you don’t have an indicator light, make sure to set a reminder for when you need to change your filter.

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Never ignore any signs that would suggest something may be wrong with your fridge filter. Sometimes, even with filters that have a longer service life, you may need to replace them more often because of sediments and clogging issues.

Are Generic Fridge Filters Any Good?

Branded fridge filters are usually an exact match for your fridge model, but what about generic fridge filters? Are these any good? While the term generic may have some negative connotations denoting a lower quality, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, branded fridge filters are of lesser quality, durability and filtration capability than some generic models, not to mention that branded fridge filters may be even a bit overpriced.

Generic fridge filters can be a better choice than branded models if they have better durability, better filtration capabilities, and they match your refrigerator model. If you do want to test generic fridge filters, buy them from well-known water filter manufacturers and make sure that the filters are compatible with your fridge.

Compatible Fridge Filter Replacements at

At we take pride in offering fridge water filters produced by reputable water filter manufacturers like Watts or Ecopure. Our range of fridge filters are compatible with Beko, Samsung, LG, and Hotpoint fridges. To see if our Ecopure or Watts compatible fridge filter replacements match your fridge, please consult the product description of the respective fridge filter.

Advantages of ordering compatible fridge filter replacements from

  • Compatibility with 85+ Samsung, LG, Beko, and Hotpoint fridges;
  • Filter lifespan of up to 12 months;
  • High filtration capacity due to granular activated carbon and/or ceramic spheres;
  • Limescale, chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals removal;
  • pH balancing effect;
  • Easy installation and filter replacement;
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Compatible Fridge Filters by Watts

Watts Water Technologies is a water filter manufacturer with a history that dates back to 1874. Today, Watts is a household name in water filtration thanks to their high quality products that produce outstanding quality water used in commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Our range of Watts fridge filters include LG, Samsung and Hotpoint compatible fridge filters. These filters reduce and remove chlorine, chemical disinfectants and their by-products, organic contaminants and heavy metals. These filters have a service life of up to 6 months.

Compatible Fridge Filters by Ecopure

Ecopure is a US based company that produces water filtration and water softening systems. Ecopure places great emphasis on easy maintenance, easy installation, budged-friendly and reliable filtration.

Our range of premium Ecopure fridge filters are compatible with over 80 Beko, Samsung, LG, and Hotpoint fridges. These filters are NSF certified and have a lifespan of up to 12 months. The blend of active ceramic filter media removes various water impurities including hormones, pesticides, VOCs, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, iron, THMs, and solvents such as benzene.

The granular activated carbon within the filter removes unpleasant tastes and odours, significantly improving the taste of your drinking water.


If you have a whole house water filter installed in your home and the water supply feeding your fridge is connected to the water dispenser system of your fridge, a fridge filter will not be of particular interest to you, unless you want to add an extra layer of filtration or want to customise the level of filtration at this point of use.

If you’re looking for an alternative to branded fridge filters, generic fridge filters compatible with the brand and model of your fridge can be a cost-effective solution to replacing your fridge filter. Make sure to only buy fridge filters from reputable manufacturers and strictly observe fridge filter replacement requirements.