Franke filterflow taps ooze elegance in every detail of their features – tap handles, necks, lines and finish. Manufactured to the highest standards, the Franke Kubus Chrome 3 Way Filterflow Tap is a stylish solution for when you need a water filter system in your kitchen and you’d prefer a 3-way kitchen tap over a single-dispensing filter tap. This Franke tap dispenses hot, cold and filtered water from the same tap via different channels, thus eliminating any risk of re-contamination with unfiltered water.

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What are the best features that recommend the Kubus as the go-to filterflow tap for your kitchen and what are the benefits of having a Franke tap installed in your home?

Best Features

  • Stylish, minimalistic design that matches any sink or modern kitchen design: Although this filterflow tap model has a minimalistic style, it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed irrespective of the type of kitchen it’s installed in.
  • Separate handle for filtered water: The tap has separate handles for each type of water that it dispenses. The handle placed in the middle serves as the handle for dispensing filtered water.
  • Finish options: The tap is available in chrome and silk steel finish.
  • Compatible with the Franke Filter Kit: the filter kit removes unpleasant tastes and odours, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, and sediments.
  • Filter system: Apart from the Franke Filter Kit, the Kubus is also compatible with any under-sink water filter system, whether it’s a multi-stage reverse osmosis system, an activated carbon filter, ceramic filter or any other under-sink water filter.

Benefits of Franke filter taps

Franke filterflow taps like the Kubus come with a two-year warranty that is extended by Franke to 5 years for valve mechanisms. The tap has an easy to clean finish, it’s easy to install, offers great functionality and most importantly, it’s designed to be suitable with any under-sink filter system from budget-friendly options to the more advanced filters. This makes it easy to choose a water filter depending on the types of contaminants that need removing from your tap water and the level of filtration you desire. It also makes it easy to upgrade filters or switch to other filter systems if you’re dissatisfied with your current system.

Franke taps are available in different shapes and finish options, therefore if the model detailed in this review doesn’t go with your kitchen’s style or you have a different design in mind, check out our other 3-way kitchen taps from the Franke filterflow series:


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