Franke’s ever-evolving filterflow tap range delivers users a perfect combination of contours, lines, shapes and functionality. Franke Filterflow taps never go unnoticed, often being the focal point and talking point in kitchens. Franke spoils customers with a variety of styles and finish options, so choosing the right tap can be a little bit overwhelming at times.

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Going over the advantages of the tap you’d like for your kitchen and taking factors such as pressure requirements, water filter system efficiency and tap functionality into account can go a long way in narrowing down your choices and helping you with choosing a certain model.

Advantages of Franke filterflow taps

Franke taps are no doubt the embodiment of finesse and excellence both in design and finish, but they also come with other useful features including:

  • You can use Franke taps with the Franke Filterflow Water Filter System Kit, which removes chlorine, disease-causing bacteria and cysts (e.g. Cryptosporidium), heavy metals, suspended solids (rust, dirt, silt, sand, etc.), herbicides and pesticides, improves tap water’s taste and odour, etc.;
  • Some models are compatible even with non-proprietary water filter kits, allowing you to customise the level of filtration you desire for your kitchen;
  • Favourable warranty periods are offered both for taps and their parts;
  • Variety of shapes, contours, sizes and finish options (chrome, stainless steel, etc.) are available.

Things to consider when choosing a filterflow tap from Franke

Before you purchase a filterflow tap from Franke, it’s a good idea to go over the following points, which will prove useful in choosing the model that is perfect for your needs:

  • Water pressure requirements – not all taps work well in low pressure environments, so be sure to check the pressure requirements of your prospective tap, especially if you plan on using it in a low-pressure environment. Some models are built specifically for low-pressure environments, while others work better in high-pressure environments.
  • Filter system compatibility – choose a tap that is compatible with most standard water filter kits, so you can use it with any water filter system. You may have special water filtering needs or the quality of your tap water may change over time and you’ll need to be able to easily adjust to these changes.
  • Usability and finish – select a tap that matches the design of your sink and kitchen. Fortunately, you have plenty of tap options at your disposal. Also, make sure the tap is easy to use for everyone in your household and that handles for filtered, cold, and hot water are easy to distinguish.

Franke taps are built to the highest standards and meet the strictest demands in functionality, design and variety. Warranty periods offered by Franke are also some of the highest in the industry, proving that manufacturing quality products is one of Franke’s strongest principles.


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