Franke Kitchen Taps

There are many types of kitchen taps, but only a few are able to combine the elegance and functionality boasted by Franke kitchen taps. Franke Filterflow kitchen taps are the flagship example of quality 3-way triflow taps that many kitchen tap manufacturers can only aspire to become.

Franke Kitchen taps

Viewed as pioneers of multi-tasking kitchen taps, Franke have set the standards for stylish taps with advanced ceramic water filtration delivered by the Franke FilterFlow family. The Franke Doric Chrome 3 Way Filterflow Tap bears all the quality characteristics of a top-of-the-line triflow kitchen tap that delivers hot, cold and filtered water in an effortless manner.

Franke Kitchen Taps – Franke Doric Features

Here are the Doric Filterflow tap’s most distinctive features that recommend it as a top choice for a 3-way kitchen tap:

  • Swan neck design and stylish chrome finish for a modern look;
  • Makes it easy to have an under-sink water filter by removing the need to install and extra single-dispensing water filter tap;
  • It’s installed in the place of your regular hot and cold water dispensing tap as a 3-in-1 solution to deliver unfiltered cold water, hot water, and filtered cold water;
  • Water is delivered through separate internal channels to avoid cross-contamination with unfiltered water;
  • Three tap handle system with high-quality ceramic handles for easy operation.

Some of these features are common for all Franke kitchen taps.

Filter compatibility of Franke kitchen taps

Not all filter taps are compatible with all under-sink water filters, but Franke makes things easier for consumers even in this department. Unlike many of its competitors, Franke gives you the option to choose the filter you want to use with your tap. Although they have a proprietary under-sink water filter system of their own, called the Franke FilterFlow water filter system kit, you can still use your Franke 3-way tap with any other filter kit you see fit. This is a great advantage of Filterflow taps since they provide you a lot of leeway in choosing the under-sink filter that is capable of filtering out the contaminants that are prevalent in your tap water.

Other Franke kitchen taps

If the swan-neck tap model is not to your taste, we recommend checking out the Franke Kubus chrome tap, or if you want something with a more vintage feeling, the Franke Corinthian Chrome 3 Way Filterflow Tap can be a good alternative to the Doric model.

Franke 3-way taps are available in a variety of designs and finish options, so you can select the tap that best matches your requirements and that better complements your kitchen’s style.