Water promotes health, bringing indispensable changes in the body for quick recovery, proper metabolism and other functions by  acting as a source of vital nutrients.  But what if it’s loaded with fluoride?  No one wants to look older than they are for sure! Are you looking for a water filter that removes fluoride?

No matter how fluoridated the water is, a fluoride water filter will successfully remove all fluoride compounds from tap water, making it beneficial for drinking.  Even if you try to look for test results, go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Fluoride traces will not be detected at all! Reverse osmosis water filters are the best systems if you want completely remove fluoride. Some types of special cartridge and candle filters are also considered as fluoride water filters, due to the fact that these technologies constantly get rid of fluoride present in water. They have specific materials designed to work in this cause.  There are basically 5 stages of ro filters:

  • Stage 1: 5 micron sediment filter
  • Stage 2: Activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy making up a Multi-layered system.
  • Stage 3: Activated carbon that removes chlorine and pesticides
  • Stage 4: Reverse osmosis membrane, which will completely remove fluoride from water
  • Stage 5: Post-carbon filter


A non ro system uses AAL activated alumina cartridges as the benchmark set up for fluoride reduction units; however, it integrates a far superior delivery improving the performance of fluorine cartridges by reducing the flow rate of water. It slows down the rate till roughly 1 litre per minute so you have fluoride-free water from your 3-Way kitchen tap. The two carbon blocks of approximately 1 micron are especially supplied by a carbon block manufacturer with a carbon block filter embedded in it with effective chlorine reduction. Also that, any cartridge can be substituted easily and in addition; it comes with its own inlet hardware and faucet for installation.

Enhanced performance fluoride filters are also presented with a triple filtration unit for a long and effective removal of fluoride. Fluoride-free water can be stored in the tank of the reverse osmosis system; however, it is usually a small tank as to take less space under the sink. Nevertheless, it can hold around 7 litres of water, which proves to be more than adequate! There’s a large array of fluorine water filter systems that are available at an acceptable price so that the consumers may buy as per their requirements, and budgets, with ensured degrees of effectiveness.

Fluoride water filters:


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