Around 10% of the population in the United Kingdom has access to either artificially or naturally fluoridated water.  This may not seem like such a significant percentage, however, compared to the number other European countries that have entirely dismissed the idea of artificial fluoridation, this percentage is still high. The countries that either never implemented or opted for the cessation of water fluoridation are citing scientific studies that suggest fluoride may be more harmful for your health than it is helpful in preventing tooth decay. In the light of these findings and until the controversy around the health effects of fluoride are settled for good, many homeowners are looking for ways to remove fluoride from tap water in areas where artificial water fluoridation still occurs.


Not many filters are capable of targeting fluoride in water, but there are a few that are recognised as efficient fluoride reduction water filters. Currently, homeowners have three methods for removing fluoride from their tap water – installing a reverse osmosis water filter, using fluoride reduction filter cartridges in their under-sink or countertop water filters, or opting for water distillers, but the most cost-effective methods are reverse osmosis and activated alumina filters.

Reverse osmosis filters

Several reverse osmosis filtration systems are also designed to remove fluoride from tap water. RO filters like Pure-Pro Quick Change 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, Ecosoft’s 5-stage and 6-stage reverse osmosis filters, as well as Watts 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System are capable of filtering out fluoride from tap water.

Fluoride reduction filter cartridges

Another way you can address fluoride problems in your tap water is to use activated alumina based filter cartridges in your under-sink or whole house water filter. Activated alumina is currently recognised as the most efficient filter media for fluoride removal. Many whole house water filters – e.g. Watts EZFITPRO-400 Small Whole House Water Filter – incorporate an activated alumina filter cartridge that will efficiently reduce fluoride levels.

Other fluoride reduction methods

Water distillation can also be used to remove fluoride, however, if you’re looking for a cost-efficient and fast method to obtain fluoride-free water, then filtration is the way to obtain that. The time-consuming nature and high costs are the most significant drawbacks of water distillation. Water filters designed to remove fluoride as well have a high filtered water output and are also capable of removing a range of other potentially dangerous contaminants. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more thorough filtration, reverse osmosis systems and multi-stage whole house and under-sink water filters that include activated alumina cartridges are your best option.


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