If you’ve determined that your tap water contains high levels of fluoride and you’re worried about its potential harmful effects on your health, a fluoride reduction filter can help to remove a high percentage of fluoride from water, and make it more safe for your health. The benefits of fluoride added in tap water as a measure to prevent tooth decay in the population is still under debate, while the toxicity of high fluoride levels is already confirmed. The Fluoride Reduction Filter Cartridge was developed for any standard filtration system that is compatible with 2.5″ x 10″ filters.

water filter cartridge activated alumina

The filter cartridge contains white granular media that reduces fluoride levels in water, thus, being a handy filter for those who need to reduce fluoride levels in their tap water or are worried about their fluoride intake.

The 10-micron rating fluoride filter uses activated alumina, which is known as a highly effective way of extracting fluoride from water through an adsorption process. Activated alumina is a fine white granular media produced through a carefully controlled calcination process of alumina trihydrate. The highly porous material thus produced is an effective fluoride removal method, but it also removes arsenic and selenium. Activated alumina is a safe and non-toxic filter media. It is also non-corrosive and resistant to oxidation. Activated alumina has been long recognised as a water filter media by the Water Quality Association and British Water, and it has been widely used in the water filtration industry.

Under optimal conditions influenced by water temperature, quality, pH, concentration of suspended solids and flow rate the absorption capacity of the activated alumina filter cartridge is 10 mg fluoride/g or 500 mg/l. Thus, this filter cartridge may be effective at filtering out all fluoride components from water.

The fluoride filter can be used for 6 months in case of frequent use or 12 months in case of light usage. This is the equivalent of approximately 18 900 litres. After this period the filter has to be replaced.

The activated alumina is mainly used in combination with other filters such as the Osmio 1 and 2 Stage Dual Housing and the Watts EZFITPRO-300 Under Sink Water Filter.

If you can’t have a say in what goes into the public water supply, at least you can take matters into your own hands by removing this unwanted “medicine” from your water supply. With levels of fluoride significantly reduced, you can rest assured that you are no longer exposed to fluoride’s harmful effects. Filter out fluoride from your water and protect the health of your entire family.

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