The addition of fluoride to drinking water is a controversial topic, worldwide.  Many fluoridation advocates claim that it is safe based on scientific studies, but those that oppose it claim it can have many negative effects on your health and wellbeing. With over 60 years of fluoride exposure in the UK, scientist have been called to investigate if it is in fact contributing to chronic health issues, affecting the brain, and other endocrine functions. While this debate is unsettled, above all you want to ensure that the water you and your family are consuming on a daily basis is safe.

fluoride reduction water filter cartridge

Fluoride is naturally found in water sources in surprisingly high amounts. However, the fluoride chemical that is added to water is what most people would call far from a “natural process.” This chemical is called flurosilicic acid and is captured in air pollution control systems. It is one of the most contaminated chemicals that are added to the public’s water source. It also is the only chemical added that does not treat the water. Fluoride is not classified as a nutrient, and therefore is classified as a medicine that is usually implied to treat or prevent a disease, such as tooth decay. It is a basic human right to decide to take medications and doctors are the only ones that can prescribe them. This is an inappropriate way to give “medicine.”

Adding an activated alumina fluoride reduction filter cartridge to your effective water filtration system is an easy and simple way to protect your family and ensure safe water in your home. These filters are effective at removing up to 90% of fluoride. The exact percent that is removed will depend on the temperature, pH, water quality, and actual concentration in your water. This specific activated alumina cartridge is widely recognized and approved by the water filtration industry. It is safe, non-toxic, and effective at removing up to 10mg of fluoride from your water, under optimal conditions.  We recommend that you change this cartridge every 6 to 12 months or 5000 gallons. It is by far the most affordable and effective way of removing this added contaminant from your tap water. Also, reverse osmosis systems are very effective. These are not filters and systems that are ordinarily purchased in stores. Water Filter Shop UK has a readily available stock of all types of filters to meet your needs.

To greatly reduce your exposure to fluoride, please consider adding a fluoride filter cartridge to your filtration system.  It is an additional step you can take to have peace of mind that your drinking water is pure and clean and only contains minerals that are beneficial to your health. Be safe and filter out the fluoride.

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