Commercial water filtration units have a higher filtered water output than water filters for domestic use. Dependable quality water is essential in cafes, restaurants and commercial kitchens not only from a food safety perspective, but also for the protection of expensive kitchen equipment and appliances from scale build-up that leads to costly repair works. The Ecosoft RObust 60 L/HR Commercial Reverse Osmosis System was designed with efficiency, long service life and performance in mind.

ecosoft 60l commercial water filter

The Ecosoft RO filter supplies you with pure water of the highest degree, removing organic and inorganic substances and microorganisms from tap water. This commercial water purification system is also a perfect option for laboratories, dental practices, pharmacies, and in every situation when high-grade filtered water is required.

Traditional reverse osmosis water filters usually produce plain-tasting water given their excellent level of filtration, however, the filtered water provided by the Ecosoft filter remains great-tasting and delicious. This is achieved thanks to the coconut activated carbon filter medium used in the last stage of the treatment process, which improves the organoleptic qualities of water.

The three semi-permeable Filmtec membranes manufactured by Dow, an industry leader in RO filters and nano-filtration, confer high treatment efficiency and durability to this product. These membranes have a productivity of 100 GPD. Two of these membranes are connected in parallel, while the other one is connected at the outlet of the consecrate line of the former two. This increases the productivity of the system and reduces the concentrate discharge.

The Ecosoft RObust 60 L/HR Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is easy to use thanks to the convenient connection bar that includes visualised icons and indicators for the monitoring of the system performance and cartridge replacement due dates. Another feature is the progressive automation, which prevents the dry running of the pump.

The system removes chlorides, hydro-carbonates, total dissolved solids, nitrates and sulphates, and it is also efficient in treating hard water. These substances as removed as water gets through the semipermeable RO membrane, which retains these impurities. This generates two water streams – one is the filtered water, while the other is the concentrate that is discharged.

Thanks to its high flow capacity of 60 litres per hour, this RO filter will perform well in all settings where a higher output of filtered water of the utmost quality is needed. You can rely on this product to provide you filtered water that is free from any harmful substances, without compromising on tastiness.