The Ecopure Eco-8 Inline Water Filter is not just about making tap water taste better, this under sink water filter also makes tap water clean to cook and safe to drink at a whole new level. The Ecopure Eco-8 water filter is easily incorporated in-line to your main kitchen tap, removing the need for a separate dispenser for filtered water. The Ecopure Eco-8 can also be connected to your fridge or water cooler for instant access to cold filtered water.

Ecopure Eco-8 Inline 15 mm Water Filter 

By using a unique, dual stage filtration process, the Ecopure inline water filter produces soft, non-scaling drinking water. Apart from removing lime-scale, due to its 1 micron filtration, the Ecopure Eco-8 absorbs chemicals and kills bacteria and remineralises water. Chlorine is removed in 99% in both hot and hold water. The Ecopure Eco-8 is also effective in filtering out THMs, fluoride, PCBs, lead, barium, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, selenium, iron, copper, mercury and other heavy metals. In addition, the Ecopure Eco-8 inline water filter also removes and reduces pesticides and chemical solvents, as well as hormones and bacteria (including E-coli, Pseudomonas). This all-round filtration ensures superior taste, safety and clarity of drinking water.

The white moulded ABS construction of the filter is WRAS approved and it does not rust. The housing is 100% recyclable.

The filter media of the Ecopure Eco-8 filter contains active ceramic media and GAC (granulated active carbon). The active ceramic spheres are porous and have a filtering capability of 1 micron. The ceramic spheres of 3-5 mm in diameter absorb chemicals and remove other contaminants like heavy metals and bacteria.

The Ecopure water filter takes water filtration to the next level by also remineralising water with essential nutrients and gently releasing them to increase the alkalinity and pH level of filtered water.

 The Ecopure inline filter will provide superior bacterial removal for up to 12 months. After this time, the cartridge has to be replaced. The actual filter life may vary depending on the water hardness and quality of the tap water. Replacing the filter cartridge is just as easy as installing it and its replacement comes with an added eco-advantage: the active ceramic media is biodegradable, so you can scatter it around your garden for better plant growth and soil drainage.

The 15 mm push fit fittings allow an easy DIY installation and high flow rate of up to 10 litres per minute.

Because it is an inline water filter, the Ecopure Eco-8 Water filter will save you space, but also money as you will not need to purchase a dedicated dispenser tap for the filtered water. Also, you can forget about having to purchase expensive bottled water ever again.