Worried that your water filter system will filter out all the healthy minerals in your water? Some water filters like reverse osmosis systems have a high contaminant removal capacity, which will remove even minerals that are otherwise healthy for you. This can cause water to taste differently and to be a bit acidic. The Ecopure ECO-10 Water Remineraliser is a filter cartridge designed specifically for RO water filters  that adds trace amounts of minerals to the water to increase its pH level, maintaining a natural balance of minerals, and creates healthy alkaline water.

water filter remineraliser

The Ecopure remineraliser filter adds magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and other rare earth minerals. These minerals are 100% and come from natural sources. The water so enhanced will improve the acidity issues of RO water. You can use it in your reverse osmosis unit instead of a post filter cartridge or in addition to a taste and odour removal filter cartridge. Although created with RO filter systems in mind, the Ecopure remineraliser filter cartridge can also be used with any other water filter system.

The remineraliser filter contains ceramic spheres that filter to 1 micron due to their porous and absorptive nature. Apart from remineralising water with nutrients, the ceramic filter media eliminates bacteria and prevents their growth, removes chlorine and heavy metals, and reduces lime-scale, thus, preventing scale build-up is domestic appliances and pipework.

The life-span of the filter cartridge is 24 months, which translates into 10,000 litres of water, and once you need to replace it, you can dispose of it in your garden as the active ceramic spheres are natural and 100% degradable. The ceramic media will improve soil drainage and can stimulate plant growth in your garden. The ABS housing makes this product reusable and you can return it for recycling.

Installation-wise the remineraliser filter can be used with 6 mm or 10 mm push fittings. If you plan on using it complementary to a water filter system, then it doesn’t need a wall mounted bracket as it is light enough to hang between the tubing and the tap. However, if you prefer to secure it, you can add a wall-mounting bracket. This simple, yet unique cartridge will work well as a taste and odour post filter in your RO system.

Choose the Ecopure ECO-10 Water Remineraliser to create mineralised, healthy alkaline water that is free from contaminants, with all the benefits of fresh natural water.