The health of our skins is something that we might not think about as often as we probably should. Our skins are exposed to pollution and toxins on a daily basis, so showering and bathing should be a time for pampering, cleaning, and hydrating our skins. The Ecopure Deluxe Eco-2 Inline Shower Filter can help you achieve these goals by providing you with water that is free from chlorine and other contaminants that may be harmful to the health of your skin.

Ecopure deluxe eco 2 inline shower filter

Shower filters are a useful addition to any shower, and are especially enjoyed by people who have sensitive skins or who struggle with certain skin diseases or respiratory diseases. For these people, exposure to chlorine and other chemicals can cause problems to their skin and hinder normal breathing. Shower filters are capable of removing many potentially harmful chemicals, thus, alleviating skin irritation issues.

The Ecopure Deluxe shower filter is one of the best in its class. This inline shower filter reduces chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, mercury and other heavy metals, and other chemicals and impurities. This filter is also capable in dealing with water hardness issues, creating soft filtered water that is gentle on your skin and hair. Filtered water can also help to preserve your coloured hair for a longer period. The Ecopure shower filter creates soft water without adding any salt to your water.

The clear housing allows you to track the condition of the active ceramic spheres contained by the shower filter, and which are responsible for cleaning your water. This inline shower filter is compatible with any type of regular or electric showers, or bath units. All you have to do is attach one end directly to your shower hose, while the other end to your existing showerhead, and start enjoying a smooth and silky shower experience. Thus, the inline design allows you to keep on using the type of showerhead that you prefer.

The filter provides you with high-quality ceramic filtered water for 12 months or 10,000 litres, after which it has to be replaced in full. The active ceramic filter media used in the filter housing of this product is 100% natural and degradable. Once filter replacement is due, you can dispose of the ceramic spheres by scattering them in your garden to stimulate plant development and soil drainage. The filter housing is reusable and recyclable.

You can install the Ecopure Deluxe Eco-2 Inline Shower Filter in a couple of minutes, and start enjoying a deluxe shower experience with ceramic filtered water that will protect your skin and hair throughout the entire year.


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