Sometimes the slightest adjustments in our lives can go a long way. Our health is something that needs constant attention and care, and much of our health also depends on the water we drink and bathe with. Many people consider shower filters a luxury item or just a simple fad of health-obsessed people, but the truth is that shower filters are a simple and inexpensive device that add a lot to your health and general well-being.

shower filter

There are several health benefits to owning a shower filter, the most notable one being that shower filters remove chlorine from water and soften water by reducing lime-scale. For some people who suffer from chlorine intolerance, psoriasis, asthma or eczema, shower filters are somewhat of a necessity and not actually a choice. Many home-owners resort to buying a whole house filtration system to solve all their household needs that imply the use of water, including the water used for bathing. Others prefer having a water filter installed at a single point of use like a water filter tap or under sink water filter. Shower filters are a good option if, for some reason, a whole house water filter would not interest you.

The benefits of drinking filtered water are maybe more straightforward and visible that the benefits of using a shower filter. The most commonly noted problem with showering and lack of a shower filter is that, apart from skin irritation issues and the like, you can inhale chlorine and other harmful elements commonly found in water. Even though negative effects are not noticed immediately unless you suffer from some kind of respiratory disease or skin disease, with time, negative effects such as fatigue, dry skin and hair and other chlorine-induced problems may appear. As a result, some believe that showering in water that is not up to par may be even worse than actually drinking it.

There are many shower filter types, but most of them use active ceramic media and granulated activated carbon to remove harmful elements from water and provide softer water that is beneficial to your skin, scalp and hair, but also your respiratory system. Inline shower filters like the Ecopure Deluxe Eco-2 Inline Shower Filter can be fitted within a couple of seconds on the shower arm, while handheld shower filters like the Ecopure ECO-1 Handheld Shower Filter are fitted on the shower hose and are easy to carry with you if you travel.

Most shower filters are easy to maintain at a low cost. Once installed, your hair and skin will be thankful for it and you will be happy you have made the choice of getting a shower filter.





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