Some under sink water filters use complex technologies to filter municipal water and can even use a combination of different types of water filtration technologies. In some cases, their installation in itself can be quite difficult and time-consuming, and you may need to rely on an expert to install your water filter. However, in order to simplify the installation process of water filters and cut down on set-up times and costs, many water filter brands now manufacture DIY installation water filters, which are quick and easy to set up.

DIY installation water filters

With a DIY water filter, you can take matters into your own hands and forget about waiting around for a plumber and paying costly plumbing fees. These easy installation water filters are usually dispatched with all the equipment necessary for installation and a detailed instruction manual on how to set up the water filter system yourself.

Contrary to what you may think, DIY water filters are also cheaper, mainly because their set-up system is simplified and contain less components so that their installation can be easily done by virtually anybody.

Are you looking for a water filter that you can easily install? Here our top choices of DIY installation water filters ranging from the very basic water filters to the most advanced ones:

Standard 3 Way Tap Filter Kit

This filter is designed to be used with a 3-way kitchen tap that you can DIY install, and contains a coconut shell activated carbon filter, which is effective against chlorine and other chemicals and chemical disinfectants that may cause the bad taste and odour of your tap water. The filter has a capacity of 6000 litres.

SCL 3-Way Tap Filter Kit

This 3-way tap filter kit uses granular activated carbon as a filter media and gets rid of chlorine taste and odour as well as inhibits lime-scale and filters out chemicals. The simple push fittings allow a quick replacement of the filter.

DIY 4 Stage Ultracarb Home Drinking Water Filter System

This system connects directly to your kitchen tap and uses a 4-stage filtration. This water filter system contains a sediment filter and the famous Doulton Ultracarb ceramic filter that provides a sub-micron filtration. The silver impregnated ceramic cartridge prohibits bacterial growth and gets rid of sediments, bacteria, cysts and turbidity. Its installation can be done in a couple of minutes.

Pure-Pro Quick Change Pumped 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Filter

The PurePro 6-stage reverse osmosis water filter is a highly advanced water filter that uses a sediment filter, two GAC filter, an RO membrane and a post carbon filter to remove dirt, bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants found in your water. It also uses an alkaline filter to raise the pH level of acidic tap water. Albeit a complex system, the PurePro Quick Change RO water filter can be DIY installed.


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