Under-sink reverse osmosis water filters are the preferred choice of many consumers who are looking for a water filter that can provide a high level of filtration. The Danube Piazza Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is much more than a simple RO water filter, it is a complex and unique reverse osmosis system that comes with a stylish and robust 5-way dispensing tap.

Danube Piazza Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 

The Piazza is a “hybrid” between a water dispenser and a reverse osmosis water filter, and it’s a comprehensive solution for those who want to have chilled, sparkling, and ambient reverse osmosis purified water in a single system.

This RO system is a high-performance Swiss-made product that is both elegant and efficient, being capable of producing 60 litres of high-purity filtered water per hour. The 5-way dispensing tap is an impressive upgrade from the traditional 3-way kitchen taps that are only able to dispense hot, cold, and filtered water. Apart from these, the Danube Piazza’s 5-way tap also dispenses carbonated and chilled water. The RO purification ensures that you have access to superior quality water.

One of the key advantages of this system is that it’s compact and silent enough to go unnoticed in your kitchen. The Piazza requires a nearby power supply, however, you can place it under your kitchen sink as it doesn’t require air circulation.

As with any quality reverse osmosis water filter, this RO system is also combined with additional filter media to obtain the best filtering results. Thus, the system includes an in-line 5-micron, 12″ sediment filter and an in-line 5-micron activated carbon filter. The osmotic membrane is a high-flow FilmTec 100 GPD thin film composite membrane. The sediment filter will filter suspended solids down to 5 micron, and it will protect the RO membrane from any damage. The activated carbon filter will remove chlorine taste and odour, and will provide an additional layer of protection by removing impurities and contaminants that the reverse osmosis filter may not be able to.

The Osmio Danube Piazza Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a high-end product that is suitable for both your home and workplace, or anywhere where high quality and quantity is required. This product changes the face of water cooling and filtering, being able to deliver all that a water chiller system can, plus filtered water. Get access to chilled, sparkling and ambient reverse osmosis purified water on tap with the help of an innovative and Swiss-quality system.