Activated carbon is extensively used in water purification due to its high porosity and large surface area, which makes it a highly valued adsorbent material. The most common natural substances used as base material to make activated carbon are lignite, bituminous and anthracite coal and peat, wood and coconut shell.

coconut shell as water filter

Coconut-shell based activated carbons are predominantly microporous and are the least dusty, thus, they are very efficient when it comes to organic chemical adsorption. Compared to other types of activated carbon, coconut-shell based activated carbon filters have the highest hardness, which makes them ideal for water purification.

Apart from these unique properties, coconut shells are also an eco-friendly and a renewable resource for water purification. Coconut fruits are harvested three times per year and their harvest has no negative impact on the coconut trees and will continue to grow throughout the year. Further advantages of the coconut-shell based activated carbon lie in the following: coconut shell carbon filters adsorb volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, disinfection by-products like THM, remove halogens from water and improve appearance and taste of drinking water.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing under-sink water filter’s or your reverse osmosis water filter system’s carbon block filter, then look no further! The Watts C-Max Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridge is a premium quality carbon block cartridge at an affordable price. The Watts C-Max Coconut Shell Extruded Carbon Block filter has a superior filtration capability, filtering to 0.5 microns. It is especially good for lead and cyst filtration (Cryptosporidium, Giardia) as well as improving the taste, aspect and odour of your tap water by filtering chlorine and other impurities. In addition, it will also reduce several common particulates and impurities such as dirt, fine sediment, turbidity, rust, sand, lime scale, silt, volatile organic compounds and more.

Due to its standard dimensions (2.5 x 10 inch) the Watts coconut shell carbon filter is a universally compatible replacement water filter cartridge for filters with the same dimensions.

 With some water filter cartridges the change in pressure can be an issue, however, in the case of the Watts Coconut Shell Carbon Block, the pressure drop is very low  (0.34 PSI). The thick walls and the solid carbon block allows a more efficient and thorough water filtration. The filter life of the C-MAX carbon block cartridges is 6 months or about 20,000 gallons before it needs replacing.

By using coconut shell carbon filters, you will clean your drinking water in a natural way, without employing chemicals or other potentially harmful substances. Also, your impact on the environment will be very low, given that coconut shell carbon filters are a renewable and eco-friendly resource.