Whether it’s technology or simple things like food and water, portability has become a crucial element in our modern lives. We want our things to be with us at all times, but from all the things we actually need, water is certainly the most indispensable. But what if we can’t carry water with us to certain places and the water available in the places we travel to is not suitable for drinking? Water filter bottles were created with this in mind – to offer an all-encompassing solution to those who need to rely on outdoor waters to keep themselves hydrated.

portable water filter bottle

But how do these portable water filtration systems work? Each manufacturer and brand has its own method of effectively filtering water, but usually a water filtration system is fitted in the bottleneck or lid of these bottles and water is filtered either as it is consumed or when it is poured into the bottle.

Portable water filters come in all shapes and sizes and attend to all sorts of clean water drinking needs – whether you need to filter wilderness water or just simply want to filter tap water when you are travelling overseas, here at Waterfiltershop.co.uk we strive to offer you a wide-range of solutions.

For the extreme traveller we recommend the LIFESAVER bottle, which can filter – depending on the model – between 4000 and 6000 litres of water before the cartridge needs replacing. The Lifesaver bottle is based on a Failsafe technology having the capability of removing all viruses, parasites, bacteria and all waterborne pathogens without employing chemicals. It filters down to 15 nanometres (0,015 microns), which is an extremely high level of filtration. The Lifesaver bottle features a pump fitted with ultra-filtration membranes, an activated carbon filter and a pre-filter scavenging sponge. All this technology in one bottle! All you have to do is follow three easy steps: fill the bottle with water, pump and drink.

The Öko Water Filtration bottle is another state-of-the-art water filtration technology, whose Level-2 filtration technology was originally developed through a NASA grant for space programs. Employing an electro-adsorption process, its membrane effectively filters out harmful agents commonly found in lakes and rivers.

For the urban travellers we recommend the BRITA Fill&Go water bottle that uses an activated carbon filter to reliably transform tap water into great-tasting, ready-to-drink pure water. Replace the Brita Fill&Go Filter Disk once a week and enjoy safe, clean water on the go.

With these portable water filters, you will no longer have to make any compromises when it comes to safe drinking water. Whether you are in the wilderness or in an urban area, you can now enjoy great-tasting clean water anytime and anywhere!