Your tap water could contain impurities and harmful or just bad tasting contaminants that can be affecting the quality of the water that you are using on a daily basis.  The space under your kitchen sink, is not just for storing cleaning supplies and a trash bin, in that relatively small space you can add an under sink water filter that can change the way you see your water.  

PurePro RS3000 under sink water filters

RS3000 water purification systems are a best seller with based on their efficient and easy to use technology.  Designed with you in mind this unit conveniently fits under your sink, providing you with water free from microorganisms, chemicals, and minerals.  Providing you with up to 5700 liters of pure, clean water from your kitchen tap, it is one of the most practical and convenient filtration systems available. 

The PurePro RS3000 features a complete three stage water filtration system.  In the first stage your water will pass through a 5 micron sediment filter that removes dirt, rust and sand particles.  As it continues to the second stage it passes through a granular activated carbon filter, which will eliminate up to 99% of chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals.   Also, during this stage the flavor of your water is enhanced, by the removal of these contaminants.  In the final stage the water will be processed though another carbon filter.  The quick and simple result is clean, pure, odorless, refreshing water from your kitchen faucet, each and every time.

The patented quick-change filter technology is one of a kind.  With no tools required, changing your filters on this system is quick and easy.  It is recommended to change your filters every four to 6 months, based on use.  You will never have to worry about a leak because this unit comes completely assembled and is 100% factory tested. 

Unfiltered water can taste bad, have an unappetizing odor, and be foggy, but could also make you ill.  Many studies have been done that link the chemicals like, chlorine and other microorganisms for example, giardia, and cryptosporidium that are linked to forms of cancer, kidney stones, and gastrointestinal illnesses.  Your under sink water filter can help you and your family maintain their health by filtering out over 2,000 of the known toxins that are found to thrive in tap water.  

The RS3000 is affordably priced and is worth the one time investment.  If you usually drink bottled water, this system will help keep money in your bank account and also help you leave less of a carbon footprint.  Fitting conveniently under your sink and using only a minimal amount of space, you can be confident that the water you are drinking and using on a daily basis is the best available.  The PurePro RS3000 provides you with convenient and quality water, available at your fingertips every time, which in turn means, providing cleaner, purer, safer drinking water for your family has never been easier. 

PurePro RS under sink water filters: