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Point-of-Entry Whole House Water Systems – When & Why?

It’s not always easy to find the perfect water filter treatment method for you, especially if you’re not familiar with any of the water treatment solutions available on the market.

Before you can decide on the treatment solution, the first step is finding out what contaminants you need to target, and only then you can choose a system from the wide range of water filtration systems available.

While you’re researching water filters, you may come across point-of-entry whole house water systems and wonder whether they’re a suitable option for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about these home water filter solution.

We’re going to cover the most important things you should know before installing a point-of-entry whole house water system, whether it’s worth choosing a point-of-entry filtration over point-of-use filtration methods, and how to maintain a POE whole house water system.

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Which is the Best Water Filter?

This is a question that has come up every day since we’ve launched our water filter shop. And it’s also a question that’s difficult to answer each time we hear it.

Partly, because many of our customers are hoping for an answer that will tell them about an exact filter (down to the brand and model) they can select from our products and have it up and running by tomorrow.

While this isn’t an unreasonable demand, choosing a water treatment solution isn’t always as simple as one might think, mainly because there isn’t a single filter system that’s the best for everyone.

Still, many filters on the market claim to be the best, and if you’ve been researching filters, you probably know what we’re talking about.

Surely they can’t all be the best! So, how do you know which filter to get? Here’s why there isn’t an ultimate filter that’s better than all the rest and how you can pick the ultimate water filter for you:

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What are KDF Filters and Should You Be Using One?

KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) process media is a primary and pre-treatment solution that can be used in residential and industrial water filtration to reduce a wide spectrum of contamination issues.

KDF filters successfully extend the filter life and increase the performance of organic based media and maintain their efficacy even at high water temperatures.

The media produces an electrochemical reaction with the result of changing harmful water contaminants into harmless components that can be easily removed.

To better understand the inner workings of KDF, we’re going to examine how KDF process media remove contaminants, where are KDF process media used, and the benefits and disadvantages of using KDF water filters.

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Multi-Stage Water Filters – Better Than the Rest?

Water contamination is a serious issue that requires immediate action depending on its seriousness.

The build-up of bacteria, chemical contamination or harmful metals leaching into the water are the most common cases of water contamination that both filter manufacturers and, in some cases, homeowners are all too familiar with.

Sometimes, when the contamination level is higher, or the type of contamination is serious, single-stage water filters may not be efficient enough to remove all harmful chemicals from your water.

Therefore, they may not eliminate the possible health risks associated with using water that’s contaminated.

In many, this fact raises multiple questions like “How many stages should a water filter have in order efficiently remove contaminants lurking in water?” and “Is a multi-stage water filter better than other filters provided by water filter manufacturers?”.

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Is a Water Filter Worth It?

Tap water in the UK is among the safest in the world; it goes through rigorous screening processes, which test for multiple parameters including bacteria and water-borne diseases.

If you’ve been drinking tap water all your life, you may be wondering if a water filter would make a difference in the quality of the water you’ve otherwise never had a problem drinking all these years.

Likewise, if you’ve been a fan of bottled water, you may wonder if a filter would make tap water a better alternative for you.

So, is switching to filtered water worth it? Should you consider installing a tap water filter, or is tap water ok to drink? And why should you switch to filtered tap water anyway?

This article examines all these issues and more to help you decide whether a water filtration solution is right for you.

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