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Is a Whole House Water Filter Necessary?

A question that we often get asked by our customers is about the type of water filter system they should install in their home.

Usually, people find it difficult to decide between a point of use system (undersink or countertop filter) and a point of entry system (whole home filter systems).

Because we’re always eager to help you find the best system for your home, we’ve created a small guide to help you decide if a whole house filter is necessary for you or not.

People often want the best filtration system for their home but are whole house systems always the best?

When discussing the water filtration needs of our customers, we sometimes do determine that a whole house filtration system would probably be the best choice for them.

In other cases, however, we recommend under-sink water filters over whole house filters for reasons that you will find out in this article.

Read our guide to whole house water filtration to find out which filter you need most.

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Dirty Little Secrets of Water Filters

Ever wondered if there are things about your water filter that you didn’t know about? What about things that marketers don’t let you in on? Maybe there are some dirty little secrets swept under the rug that you should know about?

To answer all your questions about water filters, we’ve gathered the lesser known facts about these systems and we’re bringing you the scoop on the naked truth about water filters. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about them.

Ready? Let’s get started.

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High-Performance Filter Cartridges — Better Than the Rest?

Here at, customers can choose from a large assortment of high-performance water filter cartridges meant to deal with all water conditions.

Filter cartridges are the replaceable element in any water filter system, be it a single-stage or multi-stage system, and the performance of water filters is highly dependent on the type of filter cartridges that come with the filter.

Because not all systems are designed to solve the same water issues, it can be said that some filter cartridges are better than others.

Multi-stage water filters are designed to target a larger number of water conditions than systems with fewer stages. And systems with fewer types of filter media solve fewer types of contamination issues.

Multi-stage system usually come with high-performance filter cartridges that lend the system a higher contaminant removal efficiency and fewer filter changes.

Are high-performance filter cartridges the best for residential use, or regular filters will do just fine?

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When to Install a Water Filter?

Not sure if you need a water filter? Or if drinking water from the tap is ok?

 This guide to water filters will walk you through the tell-tale signs you need to watch out for when deciding to switch to tap water and everything that goes into the installation and maintenance of a filter.

 You may be happy with drinking bottled water but switching to filtered tap water can be so much more rewarding – both financially and environmentally.

By all accounts, bottled water is more expensive than filtering tap water and the plastic waste that bottles produce has become one of the biggest pollutants of oceans and rivers, endangering wildlife and even our health.

One way to stop plastic pollution is to stop buying bottled water and switch to alternative drinking water options like filtered tap water.

Filtered tap water is the single most convenient way to ditch the cap and get fresh drinking water straight out of the tap.

If you’re not sure you need to install a water filter in your home, read our article to get up to date with the situations in which a water filter is a must.

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Best Water Purifiers for Travel

Going off the beaten track? We’re here to help find a reliable water purifier that you can take with you on your travels. We’re looking at the best portable filters the industry has to offer for those that dare to venture to unexplored territories.

If you’ve travelled to places with unsafe water, you’re probably the first to appreciate the water that comes out from the tap at home.

Indeed, municipal water in the UK is one of the safest in the world, but not all countries can say the same about their municipal water supplies, and the countries that struggle most to provide healthy clean water to its residents are underdeveloped or developing countries, or countries with fresh water scarcity issues.

Although most water purifiers are designed as units that are attached to your mains water line, there are options for on-the-go filtration.

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