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Is a Water Filter Worth It?

Tap water in the UK is among the safest in the world; it goes through rigorous screening processes, which test for multiple parameters including bacteria and water-borne diseases.

If you’ve been drinking tap water all your life, you may be wondering if a water filter would make a difference in the quality of the water you’ve otherwise never had a problem drinking all these years.

Likewise, if you’ve been a fan of bottled water, you may wonder if a filter would make tap water a better alternative for you.

So, is switching to filtered water worth it? Should you consider installing a tap water filter, or is tap water ok to drink? And why should you switch to filtered tap water anyway?

This article examines all these issues and more to help you decide whether a water filtration solution is right for you.

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Best Point-of-Use Water Filtration Solutions to Get for Your Home

If you’re looking to customise the level and type of filtration at various water outlets in your home, point-of-use water filters (POU) are the easiest way to achieve that.

Let’s say you want to drink alkaline water from your kitchen tap, but you don’t insist on bathing, showering or washing your clothes with alkaline water.

Installing a central water treatment solution (point-of-entry filter) won’t allow you to pick and choose the level and type of filtration you want at any given water outlet in your home.

A POU filter, on the other hand, will offer plenty of ways to experiment with water filtration, so you can get the quality you want and need.

To get up to speed with the best point-of-use filters for your home, read our summary below of best-in-line filter systems that will improve the water quality in your home.

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Commercial Water Filters – Which Industries Can Benefit Most?

ecosoft 60l commercial water filter

Efficiency is the primary reason why residential water filters aren’t a feasible choice for certain business operations. Commercial water filters outperform home filtration units, especially when it comes to filtered water output.

That said, residential filter systems have become more performant and depending on the profile of your industry, you may very well get away with a high-performing residential unit, however, in certain cases, industrial requirements dictate the need for an industrial water purifier.

In this article, we’re examining the commercial applications that can benefit from a commercial water filter, the various types of industrial water purification systems, and the reasons you need to switch to a commercial water purifier.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Water Filter Cartridges?

Filter systems that aren’t equipped with a filter lifetime tracker system or a water quality analysis system, aren’t very forthcoming with information on when to replace your water filter cartridges or how much longer you can use them in your water filter system.

In the absence of such tracking and analysis tools, you must rely on the manufacturer’s indications, which can be rather vague sometimes.

What this essentially means is that you may be replacing your filter cartridges too often or less often than you should. So, how do you know when to replace filter cartridges if you don’t have a built-in filter lifetime tracker system?

There are a few simple ways to determine if it’s time to replace your filter cartridges, which we’re going to discuss in this article and help you maximise the service life of your cartridges in a safe way.

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Water Softener vs Water Filter – Which is Best for Drinking Water?

water softener systems uk

Water softeners and water filters have well-defined and well-delimited roles in residential water treatment, roles that – with very few exceptions – don’t intersect.

Even so, many people believe that they’re interchangeable systems, that is, one or the other is enough to purify their water supply.

But water purification and water softening are two different issues that are often confused, which leads to homeowners not being happy with their choice of one system over the other.

To avoid this misconception and related problems, we will discuss the difference between water softening and water filtering, advise you on which system to pick if you’re looking to improve your drinking water, and what are the capabilities of each system.

We’ll also help you determine which system is best for drinking water and which isn’t designed for improving or cleaning your drinking water, but for the protection of your home appliances.

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