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Top Water Filters for 2019

water filter kits

With every new year, new water filter systems hit the market, offering water purification solutions for a variety of needs.

In 2019, the industry trends are focused on usability, high contaminant removal rate, and variety. Filters have also become more affordable and many feature easy DIY installation.

Water filter kits that include the filter system and a filter tap are an extremely popular choice in the point-of-use filtration category and so are stand-alone filters that don’t require plumbing and can be operated even without electricity.

To get you up to speed with the best filters in 2019, we’ve compiled a list of the best filtration solutions the industry has to offer, so you can make an informed decision about the filter you’re going to install in your home.

Let’s see the top filters for this year:

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Copper in Drinking Water – Is it a Problem?

Copper (Cu) is a naturally occurring metal that can be found in rock, soil, plants, animals and groundwater. It’s commonly used to make electrical wiring and plumbing materials including pipes and faucets.

Although required in small quantities by the human body for proper functioning, as you will see in this article, high levels of copper can have adverse health effects.

Therefore, copper levels in drinking water should be monitored, especially if you’re sourcing your drinking water from a private well.

If you’re worried about your copper intake, find out just how much copper can your drinking water contain, what are the side effects of too much copper and what can you do to remove it.

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Easy Installation Water Filters

countertop water filter purifier

Are you considering a professional water filter, but you don’t want to bother with installation work or calling a plumber?

We have good news for you:  Our wide range of easy installation filters can be set up in a minute without any hassle!

Luckily, not all types of water filters require serious plumbing skills or complex installation techniques.

For those who prefer the smooth and easy way to get things done around the house, the perfect choice would be to buy an easy-to-install water filter.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of having a zero-installation filter. Let’s see the most significant advantages of these water filters!   

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Gravity-Fed Water Filters – Should You Buy One?

Gravity water filter coldstream

As you must have already found out, there are a wide range of water treatment choices on the market when it comes to water purification.

Starting with in-built water filter systems to gravity-fed water filters, the chances of you finding the best way to get rid of contaminants from your water are high.

Before purchasing a filter, we suggest doing a little research, meaning you should get your water tested to find out which treatment methods you should be opting for.

Water treatment can mean a lot of things and there is a difference between water filtering and water softening, so in order to make an informed decision, make sure you understand the process of water treatment options.

Also, there are other factors you should pay attention to when buying a water filter for your home: don’t forget to take into consideration the lifestyle you have and try to choose a filter that meets your needs.

If you don’t own a home and you move a lot, a portable water filter would be the best choice for you.

In the following article we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a special type of water filter systems: the pros and cons of gravity-fed water filters.

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Best Filter Media in Water Treatment

Water filters operate based on a physical or mechanical process that consists in interposing a medium that essentially acts as a sieve by allowing only water to pass, separating solids or chemicals from water.

While the general set-up of a water filter system is important, the filter medium is the element that does the runt of the work, so it’s the most central element of a filter system.

There are many types of filter media used by the industry to offer various levels of filtration and to target specific or a wider range of water impurities and chemicals.

If you’re wondering which are the most popular filter media, how do they work, and which is the single best filter media in water treatment, let us advise you on the matter.

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