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UV Water Filter Buyer’s Guide

uv water filter, review

Considering ultraviolet water purification for your home? This guide to UV water filters will answer all your questions about how these filtration systems work and when should you be using one.

At least half a million people in the UK source drinking water from a private supply such as a spring, a stream, a well or a borehole. Since these supplies are untreated, sterilisation is needed prior to consumption.

And what better way to sterilise water than using a chemical-free, environmentally-friendly and reliable method like ultraviolet filtration?

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Quick-Change Water Filter Cartridges – Worth It?

Anyone who has a water filter system installed in their home knows about the need to change cartridges. It’s a necessary and often disliked process that must be performed regularly for any filter system, regardless of the filtration technology they use.

Some water filter cartridges are more difficult to replace than others, so the first step in making sure you don’t need to spend too much time on filter replacement is to choose easy to replace cartridges.

But which filter cartridges are easy and how are they different than regular cartridges?

In today’s article, we take a look at quick-change filter cartridges, what makes them different, and whether they’re a worthwhile investment.

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3 Easy Kitchen Water Filters You Can Trust

under sink water filter

Want to keep things simple in your kitchen, but don’t want to compromise on water quality?

We hear you and we have solutions for every point-of-use water filtration need.

The kitchen water filters we’re going to present in this article are easy to install and they don’t come with any bulky hardware allowing you to enjoy the extra space in your kitchen.

What’s more, they come at a reasonable price, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy clean tap water in your kitchen.

Choose any of the filters below and enjoy long-lasting filters and easy maintenance.

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Zero Installation Filters – Go or No-Go?

Not all filters require complex installation, some filters are ready for use after a simple assembly that can be done by anyone.

Zero-installation or no-installation filters are an excellent choice for those who want a filter that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

And if said filter comes with the advantage of portability, all the better.

These no installation filters are not plumbed in your main water line and are stand-alone units that operate without any reliance on incoming water pressure.

In this article, we’re going to look at the advantages of having a zero-installation filter and some of the best no installation filter models on the market.

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Is a Whole House Water Filter Necessary?

A question that we often get asked by our customers is about the type of water filter system they should install in their home.

Usually, people find it difficult to decide between a point of use system (undersink or countertop filter) and a point of entry system (whole home filter systems).

Because we’re always eager to help you find the best system for your home, we’ve created a small guide to help you decide if a whole house filter is necessary for you or not.

People often want the best filtration system for their home but are whole house systems always the best?

When discussing the water filtration needs of our customers, we sometimes do determine that a whole house filtration system would probably be the best choice for them.

In other cases, however, we recommend under-sink water filters over whole house filters for reasons that you will find out in this article.

Read our guide to whole house water filtration to find out which filter you need most.

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