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Chlorine Removal with Vitamin C? Yes, Please!

All municipal waters are chlorinated to eradicate disease-causing bacteria and viruses. While this is an intended consequence of chlorination, there are several unintended ones too.

Skin dryness, itching, dry hair, and skin sensitivity are just some of the unintended consequences of chlorine being added to our water supplies.

These unpleasant effects are the reason why removing chlorine before using tap water is a good idea if you want to prevent many of these unwanted effects.

There are various ways to remove chlorine from water and a natural way to neutralize it is by using Vitamin C. In this article, we’re examining how Vitamin C can help neutralize chlorine.

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Enhance Restaurant Water Service with Filtered Water

three people working in a restaurant kitchen

Water filters aren’t exclusive to residential settings. Another domain in which water filters are making a difference is the restaurant and catering industry, where water filters are the key to ensuring enhanced water service.

Whether running a fine-dining establishment or a fast-casual restaurant, there’s something every restaurant owner or operations manager knows – offering patrons a flawless service is essential to securing opportunity for repeat business.

If you’re wondering how filtered water and water filters can work to enhance water service in your restaurant, read our article below.

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Which Filtered Water is Best?

In one of our previous articles, we’ve discussed the best and worst waters to drink.

Filtered tap water was one of the waters we recommended as the best one to drink.

We’ve taken both health-related and environmental factors into account when determining which water is most suitable for drinking.

In our quest for water excellence, we’re now examining which filtered water is best.

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Portable Water Filters You Can Trust

woman holding a water filter bottle cap

With more and more people on the move, the devices we have been using in our everyday lives have adapted too — they’ve become smaller, lighter, and so easy that we can carry them around with us.

Although the tech industry is a leader in portable devices, the water filtration industry is also keeping up the pace, and innovative portable water filters are storming the markets.

Since these water filters are not connected to a municipal water supply and they don’t rely on water pressure, it begs the question whether they’re just as good as regular, plumbed-in filters?

In this article, we examine the best portable water filters and how they compare to traditional water filter systems.

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When Should You Buy a Tap Adapter?

You’ve set your eyes on a great filter tap, but it’s not compatible with your filter system? Installing a new water filter can become a real hassle especially if things don’t match. Sometimes, the solution to a successful water filter installation can be one tap adapter away.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the various cases when an adapter can save the day if a compatibility issue arises. Our water filter webshop carries John Guest and Mur-lock adapters for these very situations, so you can successfully connect a water filter tap to virtually any water filter system.

Tap connectors can be used for any drinking water application including water coolers, ice makers, water conditioners, etc. Learn how you can turn a difficult installation project into a success story with a simple accessory like an adapter.

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