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Which is the Best Way to Disinfect Water?

Disease-causing pathogens can be found in many water sources including lakes, streams, rivers and groundwater sources. This is a serious contamination issue that must be dealt with promptly.

These pathogens are responsible for a variety of water-borne infections that cause gastrointestinal issues, which can cause serious complications and even death.

Given the seriousness of water-borne illnesses, water disinfection is a primary concern for suppliers of municipal water and for anyone sourcing their water from a private source.

In this article we examine the most common ways to disinfect water and offer advice on the best water disinfection method.

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How to Remove Arsenic from Water?

Arsenic (As) can be found naturally in bedrocks but can also result from industrial or agricultural pollution.

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists Argentina, Chile, Bangladesh, Mexico, China, India, and the United States as countries, where inorganic arsenic is naturally present in high levels in groundwater.

Contamination of groundwater with arsenic is also a problem in many countries, where it is widely used in industrial processes, raising concerns about occupational exposure to arsenic.

In this article, we discuss the health effects of arsenic and how to remove arsenic from tap water.

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6 Taste-Altering Water Contaminants You Should Address

You may notice from time to time that something is off with your tap water – it has a different taste than what you’re used to, or it may even smell bad.

Why does this happen and why does your tap water taste or smell bad?

One explication to the difference in taste could be that the source of your tap water has changed (e.g. your water company is sourcing the water from a different reservoir).

But a more likely explanation is a contamination issue, which could explain the change in odour as well.

Sometimes, contaminants that have this effect can get into your water source. Knowing which contaminants can alter the taste of water can help diagnose the problem.

Here are the most common taste-altering water contaminants you should be aware of:

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Water Filters

If you are thinking of buying a water filter system for your home, you must be dealing with a lot of questions regarding their use and maintenance.

You can find several articles about water filter systems on our blog that can guide you through the steps it takes to choose, install and maintain a water filter system.

To avoid unnecessary hassle in the future, you should get up to speed with some things about water filters. Here are the ten basic things you should know about water filter systems before buying one:


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Are Water Filter Pitchers Worth It?

When it comes to water purification, there are many ways to clean tap water. A popular method that’s been around for decades is filtering water with a water filter pitcher.

Water filter pitchers or filter jugs are seemingly regular water pitchers fitted with a filter media that targets various types of contaminants, depending on the type of filter media they contain.

Because we often get asked about the efficiency of water filter pitchers , in this article we’re examining whether they are a worthy buy for your home.

In doing so, we’re analysing their mechanism of action, the types of contaminants they remove, and how they compare to other filtration systems designed for filtering water at home.

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