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How the Water You Drink Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic has become a sad reality of our times and a burning problem for us all. It’s a ubiquitous presence – you can find it in soil, inland waters, the deepest trenches of the ocean, and ultimately even in the food we eat.

The endless production and use of plastic items has led to a plastic pollution crisis. Plastic has become a threat to wildlife and human health.

Raising public awareness is a common tool governments and environmentalist groups use to help to reduce plastic pollution.

Unfortunately, removing plastic from our oceans or reducing the production of single use plastic items aren’t a permanent solution. The best solution may be brought by the ban on all types of single use plastics and making changes at a consumer level such as eliminating our reliance on bottled water.

In this article we are going to discuss the directives on reducing plastic pollution and the ways you can reshape your consumer habits to make a sustainable change.

Let’s see what little changes with major impact you can make to reduce plastic waste worldwide.

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5 Reasons to Install a Tap Water Filter in Your Kitchen

Switching from bottled water to tap water may seem like a major change that not many are willing to make. With today’s tap water filters, however, a change like this is not only easy but safe all-around.

You may be attached to the idea of drinking bottled water and no doubt, it may seem safer to you, but there are some reasonable arguments why we think you should ditch the cap in favour of the tap.

Installing a tap water filter in your kitchen can offer solutions to a lot of the concerns you may raise regarding tap water – it can address chemical disinfection related concerns, other contamination issues, and palatability issues.

Not to mention the significant reduction in plastic waste, one of the most pressing issues of our time.

By saying no to bottled water you’re not only protecting the environment from further plastic pollution, but you’re also lowering your expenses.

Let’s see the best reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to install a water filter in your home:

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Should You Clean Your Filter Cartridges?

Water treatment isn’t only about installing a water filter system. It’s also about making sure that the filter cartridges you’ve installed are producing high quality water at every moment in time.

Every type and brand of water filter on the market requires periodic maintenance. Filter cartridges are the single most important element in a water filter system since they are doing the hard work of purifying your water.

Filter cartridges incorporate the filter material responsible for purifying your tap water. Ultimately, the filter material is eliminating or reducing harmful contaminants, and the resulting filtered water becomes safe to drink and use.

To make sure that your water filter system is operating at peak performance, you must follow the maintenance requirements laid down by the manufacturer.

Replacing filter cartridges is the safest and easiest way to make sure your water filter system is doing its job as intended.

Yet, some users wonder whether they can clean filters and prolong their service life. In this article, we bring you answers to the most frequently asked questions about cartridge maintenance.

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How to Save Money on Residential Water Filters?

water filter shopping guide

Installing a water filter in your kitchen instead of buying bottled water every day is a great way to lower your daily expenses.

And if you’re an environmentally conscious individual that wants to protect nature by reducing plastic waste, drinking filtered water from your own kitchen tap is the perfect way to cut down on your expenses and do what’s best for the environment.

Ideally, you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to water filters, but if you aren’t able to splurge the newest trends in water treatment, there are some easy ways to save money on residential water filters that you should try.

Keep in mind, however, that you should never compromise on quality and effectiveness just to save money.

Contaminants in drinking water can be hazardous to your health, so you shouldn’t risk it when it comes to filtering out harmful chemicals and contaminants from the water you drink every day.

Let’s see the best 10 tips you should follow to save money on residential filters:

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Which is the Best Way to Disinfect Water?

Disease-causing pathogens can be found in many water sources including lakes, streams, rivers and groundwater sources. This is a serious contamination issue that must be dealt with promptly.

These pathogens are responsible for a variety of water-borne infections that cause gastrointestinal issues, which can cause serious complications and even death.

Given the seriousness of water-borne illnesses, water disinfection is a primary concern for suppliers of municipal water and for anyone sourcing their water from a private source.

In this article we examine the most common ways to disinfect water and offer advice on the best water disinfection method.

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