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Are Franke Filterflow Kitchen Taps Worth It?

3 way kitchen tap review

Should You Buy a Franke Filterflow Kitchen Tap?

In the landscape of 3-way kitchen taps, Franke Filterflow Taps fall into the high-end kitchen tap category. Compared to classic water filter taps that are installed next to regular kitchen taps and only dispense filtered water, 3-way kitchen taps replace your existing tap and allow you to draw cold, hot, and filtered cold water from a single tap.

The overall increased functionality and convenience of 3-way kitchen taps account for their higher price tag compared to traditional, single-dispensing filter taps, but what accounts for the slightly higher price tag of Franke Filterflow Kitchen Taps compared to regular 3-way taps? And are Franke FilterFlow Kitchen Taps worth the higher price tag?

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Complete Guide To 3-Way Kitchen Taps

complete guide to 3-way kitchen taps

What are 3-way kitchen taps?

3-way kitchen taps are a subset of water filter taps that are used together with under-sink water filters. Standard water filter taps dispense filtered water only and are placed adjacent to your existing kitchen taps. In contrast, 3-way kitchen taps replace your existing kitchen tap, and they combine the functionality of your regular kitchen tap with that of a standard water filter tap.

The result? 3-way kitchen taps dispense filtered cold water, unfiltered hot water, and unfiltered cold water from a single tap, hence the name 3-way taps. While standard filter taps are installed on your kitchen sink by drilling another hole in it, 3-way triflow kitchen taps replace your regular kitchen tap.

Our complete guide to 3-way kitchen taps will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about 3-way kitchen taps, including their types, advantages, disadvantages, and things to consider when choosing one for your kitchen.

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Water Filter Kits – A Quick Solution for Filtered Water in Your Kitchen!

water filter kits

Water Filter Kits

Sometimes finding the right filter to go with the right kitchen tap can be a daunting task. There are compatibility issues, filter performance, water filter tap functionality, space and aesthetics to consider. Water filter kits are an all-in-one solution that ease the process of finding the right under-sink water filter for your kitchen.

There are various filter kits available on the market, the most complex ones being those that contain all that’s necessary for a complete filter system for your kitchen: filter housing with filter cartridge, water filter taps and all tools or parts needed for installation including a DIY installation guide.

Water filter kits have several benefits – some financial, some practical – over having to buy filters and taps separately. We will go into the details of why water filter kits may be a good solution to filtering tap water in your kitchen, and what are the potential downsides of buying a water filter kit instead of choosing and buying each item separately.

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Water Filter Taps – Types, Features, and Finding the Best!

brita water filter tap kelda

Water Filter Taps

Water filter taps are a special kind of tap designed for the dispensing of filtered water. Depending on their type – single dispensing water filter taps or 3-way kitchen taps – water filter taps are installed either next to your existing kitchen tap or they replace your existing kitchen tap.

These water filter taps are unique to under-sink water filters, which require an additional tap for filtered water or separate waterways to avoid mixing unfiltered tap water with filtered water.

In this article, we’ll present both types of water filter taps highlighting the features, benefits and drawbacks of each as well as some tips on how to find the best water filter tap for you.

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Ares Inox Brushed Chrome 3-Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit Review

Under-sink water filters are the most convenient way to get filtered water on tap. These types of water filters are essentially a two-part system – the water filter kit and the filter tap. Apart from inline filters, under-sink water filters require a special tap to dispense filtered water. These taps can be single-dispensing taps or 3-way taps with hot, cold and filtered water dispensed by the same tap.


The Ares Inox Brushed Chrome 3-Way Tap Ultra-Pure Filter Kit includes a high-quality 3-way tap and a Spectrum 10 inch carbon block filter for taste and odour improvement. The filter housing can be used with other cartridges should you require a more in-depth filtration or should you need to target other contaminants as well.

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