Drinking tap water would reduce a significant amount of plastic waste that is caused by the bottled water industry. However, many consumers in the United Kingdom are concerned about the safety of UK tap water.

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Tap water in the UK is held to high standards and millions of test are carried out annually to make sure that the water that reaches consumers is of the best possible quality. A report commissioned each year by the Consumer Council for Water has found that 94% of the population in the United Kingdom is satisfied with the quality of the tap water.

Water test results throughout the UK show stunning compliance rates, and the water industry in the UK does its best to supply safe and clean water. The World Health Organization (WHO) standards and the standards laid down in the EU Drinking Water Directive are strictly observed by UK water providers. As a result, you can drink UK tap water.

Tap water in the UK is safe and trustworthy; its only problem is the high hardness level, which comes with certain disadvantages. Lime-scale deposits caused by hard water can wreak havoc in your domestic appliances, causing breakdowns and functioning problems. A further disadvantage is that hard water has a peculiar taste that determines some people to avoid drinking tap water, and drink bottled water instead, which is more costly, and it is also a strain on the environment because it produces mountains of plastic waste. Although bottled water may seem like the healthier and safer option, truth is that it is not as strictly regulated as tap water, and does not undergo so many tests. As a result, the only true advantage of bottled water over tap water is taste. An undersink water filter like the PurePro RS4000 or a Brita filter tap like the Brita Kelda Chrome Filter Tap can significantly improve the taste of tap water by reducing lime-scale and filtering out any traces of chemical disinfectants used in the sanitation process of water.

By installing a water filter system in your home, you will always have access to great-tasting filtered water directly from your tap. You can easily switch from bottled water to filtered water, as you will not notice a difference in taste. With a water purification system, you will no longer have to keep on buying bottled water, which means you will be able to save money. In addition, by choosing a water filter that also tackles water hardness issues, your kitchen appliances will be protected from the damages caused by lime-scale build-up.

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