We all understand the importance of consuming plenty of liquids and staying well hydrated at all times. When it comes to drinking water, various options are available to us: bottled, tap, filtered, alkaline, etc. Of all these options, tap water is undoubtedly the most convenient and cheapest, but is it safe for drinking purposes? Scientists at the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) say it is, and that London tap water is the safest in the country.

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The DWI carries out reports each year about the quality of the municipal water in the United Kingdom, ensuring that the water supplied by water providers meets the standards imposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the standards set out in the EU Drinking Water Directive.

While London tap water is safe for drinking, its taste can be off-putting, but not for Londoners! According to DWI reports, the majority of Londoners are actually satisfied with the palatability of London tap water; it is tourists or residents of regions with softer water who most often complain regarding the taste of tap water in London. The primarily reason is that water in London is hard, which influences the palatability of water, but also leads to lime-scale deposits, which may be a bigger issue than taste.

When giving tips to newcomers, locals often mention that a quick fix to improve the taste of water is to put it in the fridge. Once it cools, it tastes much better. On the long run, however, locals advise installing a water filter that will take care of lime-scale deposits as well. Lime-scale can really wreak havoc in your domestic appliances leading to costly repair works or replacements. To avoid this, you can use water softeners or a water filter that, apart from filtering your water, also inhibits lime-scale formation.

In terms of combining these two effects, Brita water filter taps are probably the most widespread types of filter. These tap water filters come with the P1000 filter cartridge that will eliminate the most common contaminants found in your tap water and reduce the formation of lime-scale in areas with hard water. Alternatively, to ensure that you have filtered water throughout your entire home, you can install a whole house water filter system, thus eliminating the need to install separate filters for all your water outlets. The Ecopure PRO-II Whole House Water Filter System is a complete water filtration system for your entire home that can eliminate chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, lime-scale and a wide range of other impurities affecting the quality and safety of tap water.

If you’re only a tourist just passing through London, you can rely on tap water to hydrate yourself, knowing that it is safe for drinking and preparing food. If you plan on moving to London, it’s a good idea to look into water filter systems that will provide you with water that is gentle on your kitchen equipment and tastier for your taste buds.