When making any investment for your home, it’s good to have some insider knowledge, so you can choose the best product for your family. Choosing a reverse osmosis system requires some knowledge about how reverse osmosis water filters work, what are the advantages and disadvantages to consider and what system would be right for your home.


Apart from the above parameters, water filter professionals also rely on several other aspects including the RO filter’s servicing requirements, build quality and other elements that will determine the future maintenance and servicing costs of the system. Here are 5 reverse osmosis insider buying tips to help you purchase the best domestic reverse osmosis system:

  1. Proprietary vs. non-proprietary products

If you’re looking for an RO system that ensures low cost filter replacement in the future as well as filter availability at all times, a non-proprietary RO water filter is your best bet. You can use these systems with any replacement filter that fits into the standard housing and you won’t have to worry about finding proprietary cartridges and accessories, or that these will be discontinued. Proprietary replacement filters tend to be costlier and restrict you in upgrading or switching filters should your requirements change over time.

  1. Filter tubing

Water filter experts recommend purchasing a system where the larger 3/8 inch tubing goes to the tank and the faucet, unless you’re ready to settle for a slow water flow from the faucet.

  1. DIY servicing

If you don’t plan on calling a plumber every time you need to change the filter cartridges in your RO filter, find a system that is easy to maintain. If you plan on carrying out filter replacements yourself, a reverse osmosis water filter with quick connect filter cartridges can make filter maintenance extremely simple.

  1. Build quality

Check to see if the reverse osmosis system you’re planning on buying has the approvals of the Water Quality Association (WQA) and NSF International, which guarantee that your system of choice is a reliable, quality product.

  1. Buy from a reputable store

Whether you plan on buying your RO system online or in a brick-and-mortar store, make sure you buy it from a business that has been on the market for several years, that has the experience and expertise to guide you through the selection process of a quality filter. As with any product, warranty issues may also arise, so make sure that the products you buy are backed up by a solid warranty.

Having a professional’s perspective on how to choose a reverse osmosis system will go a long way in ensuring that the product you end up with will be a worthwhile investment.