Water filter taps are a worthwhile investment for any home kitchen, especially if they are user-friendly and efficient. If these features are also combined with an appealing and smart design, they become an even more welcomed addition to your kitchen. Now, you can get easy access to premium quality filtered water on tap with the help of the Brita Talori WD3030 Filter Tap. The timeless and smart design of this water filter tap will confer a modern feel to your home kitchen that will surely impress you.

e Brita Talori WD3030 3 way kitchen  Tap

Compared to other Brita models, this 3-way triflow kitchen tap features only two levers; however, it has maintained the peculiar swan neck design that can be observed in the case of many other Brita filter taps. The lever marked with the brand’s logo is for dispensing great tasting filtered water, while the other level – the unmarked one – is for the classic hot and cold water, which is also for regulating the flow and temperature of hot and cold water.

The Starter Kit for this product contains all the necessary components for setting-up the system, including a P1000 filter cartridge. This cartridge specifically targets lime-scale reduction, chlorine removal, and filters out metals like lead or copper, turning foul tasting tap water into safe, healthy and always tasty filtered water. With the P1000, you can enjoy superior quality filtered water for 3 to 6 months depending on how problematic your water actually is. Because in most areas in the UK tap water is hard, the Starter Kit also includes a water hardness test strip. This will allow you test your water, and set the filter head according to the results of the water hardness test. Thus, the electronic cartridge replacement indicator will sound an alarm whenever you need to replace the water cartridge. This smart approach to cartridge replacement ensures that the water you consume from your tap is always top-notch and that you never miss a replacement. The cartridges are easy to change and are recyclable. The P1000 filter cartridges are available in a Triple Pack format, which is more economical and practical, as you can have a cartridge on stock whenever you need one.

The BRITA Talori WD3030 3 Way Water Filter Tap is also available in a Brushed finish, with all the same benefits of the WD3030 model.

If you decide to purchase this tri-flow kitchen tap, free installation and free delivery in mainland UK is included.