Brita filter taps never cease to amaze their customers – their timeless design, high water filtering efficiency and reliability are the markers of a brand that has established itself as an undisputed leader in 3-way kitchen taps. The Brita Kelda Chrome Filter Tap is another outstanding water filter tap that combines traditional elegance with the latest Brita filtering technology.

Brita Kelda Chrome Filter 3 way kitchen Tap

Be it a traditional kitchen or a modern design kitchen, the 3-way kitchen tap is a perfect choice for any homeowner who wants an elegant and reliable point-of-use filter system. The Brita Kelda is available in a polished chrome and brushed nickel finish, so you can better match it with the style of your kitchen.

The white porcelain handles confer a classical feel to this tap, a style that is further enhanced by the tap’s swan neck design. The three porcelain handles are for hot, cold, and filtered water. All parts necessary for the installation of the tap are included in the Brita Kelda Chrome Kit. The kit also includes a Brita P-1000 filter cartridge that is responsible for providing you with chlorine-free filtered water. Apart from removing chlorine, the filter cartridge can also remove lime-scale, thus, water hardness issues can be easily resolved by installing this filter. The performance of the filter cartridge is influenced by usage frequency and water hardness, and can last for between 3 to 6 months (500 to 1000 litres of water).

An interesting innovation that is available for most Brita filter taps is the filter head, which can be adjusted according to the water hardness level. The test strip included with the system can help you determine which setting you should select on the filter head. This head uses an integrated flow controller to ensure an optimal water jet with high pressure.

The cartridge replacement indicator is another signature mark of this brand and it is an intelligent way of making sure you never forget when to replace your filter cartridge. Depending on the setting of the filter head, the cartridge replacement indicator will sound a beep after 90 or 180 days to alert you to replace your P-1000 cartridge. Order the P-1000 water filter cartridge Triple Pack to save money on filter replacements, and to ensure timely replacement whenever necessary.

Brita filter taps purchased on our webshop come with free shipping to mainland UK and free installation, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of setting up the system yourself.