Are you looking for a stylish but practical 3-way water filter tap for your new or old kitchen? The BRITA Dolce 3 Way Tap Tri-flow Water Filter Tap may be just what you are looking for! Featuring a 3-way dispenser and an overall classic design, this 3-way kitchen tap will not go unnoticed in your kitchen.

BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap

The BRITA Dolce Tri-flow Water Filter Tap starter set contains the Brita P1000 water filter cartridge, which reduces lime-scale, chlorine and chlorine flavours, as well as metals such as copper or lead through a multi-stage filtration. You can enjoy the tasty and fresh BRITA filtered water in an easy and convenient way straight from the 3-way dispenser.

The Brita Dolce 3-way tap is equipped with two levers: one lever dispenses the standard hot and cold unfiltered water, which also allows you to control the temperature and flow rate of the tap. The other lever – the one with the Brita logo – is the lever for the Brita filtered water.

Due to the small dimensions of the P1000 filter cartridge a simple and space-saving installation can be achieved under the kitchen sink via wall mounting brackets. The Brita Dolce starter set comes with all the components necessary for installation, providing a hassle-free assembly and installation experience.

The under-counter water filter provided with the Brita 3-way tap is a pressurised filter system, which can be installed either vertically or horizontally, whichever fits you best.

The service life of the water filter cartridge is 3-6 months, depending on the water hardness level in your area. To remind you to change your water filter at the end of its maximum service time, Brita has equipped the system with an electronic cartridge replacement indicator. As an extremely valuable addition, the indicator alerts you that you need to replace your filter cartridge, by giving out an acoustic sound. With the help of the Brita filter head an individual setting depending on water hardness is possible. To assist you in determining the water hardness level, a test strip is included with delivery. Depending on the setting made on the indicator, it will alert you to change your filter after 90 or 180 days.  

Once the indicator has alerted you that you need to change the cartridge, you will have to depressurize the water filter via a flush valve before removing it from the filter head. Following this, insert and activate the new water filter for convenient access to filtered water at any hour of the day.

Make your kitchen stand out with the BRITA Dolce WD3020 3 Way Tap Triflow Water Filter Tap and always choose Brita filter taps for quality filtered water at any time of day.