If you’re tired of waiting for the good old kettle to boil while preparing a brew, boiling water tap systems solve this issue by delivering steaming hot water instantly. While some models augment your existing hot and cold water dispensing tap, other models deliver hot, cold and boiling water from a single tap system. These 3-in-1 taps can also be hooked up to an under-sink water filter if you need access to filtered water on tap.

boiling water filter tap

How do boiling water tap systems work, what are their main features and which are some of the major benefits of having access to steaming hot water in an instance?

How it works

Boiling taps or hot taps come with a mini-boiler that is conveniently installed under the kitchen sink. The insulated tanks that keep the water heated are placed under the kitchen sink and can range from 3 to 11 or more litres. The technology behind these water heaters make boiling water taps an energy efficient alternative to the traditional way of boiling water. Apart from saving on energy costs, these 3-in-1 taps also save more water. According to some estimates, a hot tap can save you around 100 litres of water per year. People usually overfill their kettles and don’t reheat the leftover water, which often ends up down the drain.

Benefits of boiling water taps

  • Instant boiling water at your fingertips – whether you need something sanitized, you want to make instant soup, want to easily peal tomatoes or cut down on the steaming time of vegetables on conventional ovens, a hot tap can help you achieve all these;
  • Compatible with filter systems – some tap systems like the Itho Dolce SS Boiling Water Tap System are delivered with a filter kit, so you can have access to filtered water as well. Some models will remove contaminants prior to the water being heated, other systems will deliver filtered cold water only;
  • Energy efficiency and water saving units – these systems are purposefully built to save water and energy bills making them a worthy investment especially if your boiled water needs are higher than average. Restaurants and cafes can especially benefit from this feature of boiling water taps.
  • Safe to use – since boiling water flowing from the tap can be potentially dangerous for small children, these types of taps are designed with safety in mind. They usually have a safety system that prevents unintended flow of boiling water.

The benefits of these 3-in-1 tap systems make these taps an excellent addition to any restaurant, where energy efficiency, safety and convenience are desired.


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