Looking for a space-saving reverse osmosis water filter that will fit under your kitchen sink? BMB manufactures smart water purification devices that rely on nano technology for healthy filtered water ready for consumption.  BMB products are 100% manufactured in Europe to the highest European standards. The BMB Nano Quick Change Compact Reverse Osmosis System is a pre-tested and pre-assembled filtration unit that brings you an out-of-the-box performance through its plug-and-play nature and quick-connect parts.

reverse osmosis water filters

BMB prides itself with producing “space technology water” thanks to the 0.1 nano metres pore size reverse osmosis elements. Despite the high standard of water purity achieved by the system, this 4-stage RO system that is the subject of this review is also a service-free model that uses twist disposable-style filters that are replaced in a matter of seconds.

Main features and advantages

  • Compact model that fits under your kitchen sink;
  • One of the smallest point-of-use RO systems in the world;
  • Nano technology water for high contaminant removal;
  • Produces pH enhanced water;
  • Easy to install plug-and-play filter with quick-connect filter elements;
  • Economic model with small footprint;
  • Multi-stage RO filter system;
  • Filter life for all 4 filters is 12 months, allowing you to replace them all the same time;
  • Requires no electricity;
  • Suitable for homes with up to 50 litres of drinking water consumption per day.

The system uses 4 different types of filters to remove contaminants and stabilise the pH of water. Each filter has its specific role in the filtration process.

4-stage reverse osmosis system

The BMB Nano RO system relies on the filtration abilities of the following four filters: a 5-micron antibacterial filter, followed by a smaller micron-rating (1-micron) antibacterial sediment filter with coconut shell carbon, a thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane (0.1 nano metres sized pores), and finally another coconut shell carbon filter with pH stabilizer.

The first two filters are responsible for removing sediments – both larger and fine sediments – as well as several chemical contaminants. These filters are infused with Zinc nanoparticles, which activate upon contact with water for antibacterial properties. The TFC RO membrane removes 99.99% of microorganisms along with other typical tap water contaminants. The fourth filter uses natural minerals to stabilise the pH of the resulting reverse osmosis water, which may become slightly acidic after it passes through the first three stages of filtration.

If you are considering investing in a compact, space-saving reverse osmosis filter for your kitchen, the BMB Nano is an easy-to-use, no-fuss filter that delivers reverse osmosis purified water to cover your daily water consumption needs.


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