The reverse osmosis filtration technology is now brought to you in a complex, yet economic model that relies on a 6-stage filtration system to deliver purified water for residential use. The BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox Pumped Reverse Osmosis filter is a standing model, which has a steel stand that encapsulates 6 nano technology filters with Plug & Play components. The maintenance of the filter is made easy by the Quick-Change Filter Technology.

reverse osmosis water filters

This pumped 6-stage reverse osmosis filter is designed for residential use, and it’s installed under the kitchen counter. The filter contains natural minerals that raise the pH of water, producing alkalinised water, allowing you to have access to alkaline water on tap.

BMB-20 6-stage Reverse Osmosis Features

  • 6-stage residential reverse osmosis filter;
  • All filters are replaceable at the same time – every 12 months;
  • No electricity is required to operate the filter;
  • Pumped RO system;
  • Increased pH levels with alkaline filter;
  • Anti-toxin properties with detox filter;
  • Quick-Change Filter technology for easy maintenance;
  • Plug & Play components for easy installation;

Filtration Stages

The BMB-20 contains 6 filter cartridges, each with a clearly defined role in the filtration process. This reverse osmosis water filter is equipped with two sediment filters, a 5 micron antibacterial sediment filter, followed by a 1 micron antibacterial sediment filter with coconut shell carbon. These two filters remove suspended solids and chlorine, protecting the RO membrane from clogging and damage caused by sediments and chlorine. They also contain Zinc nanoparticles with antibacterial properties. The third filter in the system is a thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane with a pore size of 0.1 nano-metres pore size. This helps to remove a wide range of chemicals and compounds as well as microorganisms. The coconut shell carbon filter with pH stabiliser, an alkaline filter and a detox filter follow the ro membrane. These last stages are responsible for balancing the pH level of water, enriching it with minerals and enhancing its anti-toxin properties. The last filter contains tourmaline crystals, which generate Far Infrared Rays, which upon activation restructure the water into small molecular clusters, which are believed to assist the better hydration of the human body.

Installation and Maintenance

The system is installed under-sink, at a single point of use. A secondary single-dispensing water filter tap or a 3-way kitchen tap is needed to dispense reverse osmosis purified water. This economic reverse osmosis filter model is suitable for homes with a daily filtered water consumption of between 20 to 50 litres.

Thanks to the quick-change filter technology and the fact that the filters all need to be replaced at the same time, the BMB-20 qualifies as a low-maintenance reverse osmosis water filter.