The best water filtration system is the one that will reduce or remove all prevalent contaminants from your tap water. This is the short answer to the question of which water filtration system will get you the best water.

The long answer is a little bit more nuanced, but indeed, the water filtration system that best addresses your tap water problems is the best water filtration system for you.

Which are the most efficient filtration systems on the market, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

This article attempts to shed light on these questions and more, so you can buy the water filter that is best at filtering out unwanted ingredients from your tap water.

Best water filtration systems for residential applications

If you’re looking for a water filter for domestic use, you have plenty of options available. Water filtration systems designed for domestic use target the most common contaminants that may occur in domestic settings.

The most widely used water filtration system by homeowners around the world include:

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

As a water filtration system, reverse osmosis is one of the most complex and efficient water filtration methods known to remove fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, bacteria and heavy metals.

RO filters use a semi-permeable membrane, but most systems are also equipped with sediment pre-filters and activated carbon filters, since the RO membrane is not capable of removing contaminants such as chlorine.

The strength of reverse osmosis water filtration lies in the complexity of these systems. Since they usually comprise more than one type of filter media, these systems will target a wide spectrum of water ingredients, thus, offering a more in-depth filtration than any single filter media alone.

In terms of drawbacks, reverse osmosis water filters are prone to clogging (this is why a sediment filter is necessary) and damage to the RO membrane caused by chlorine and other chemical disinfectants (this is why an activated carbon pre-filter is necessary).

Since reverse osmosis is such a thorough filtration process, it removes even healthy minerals from water and the filtered water it produces is slightly acidic. This is why, good reverse osmosis filters will include an alkaline or re-mineraliser filter as well.

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems:

Here at, we provide reverse osmosis water filtration solutions both for commercial and residential use. Here are some of our top picks for best water filter systems for residential use:

Ecosoft 6-Stage Non-Pumped Reverse Osmosis System with Alkaline Filter

This best-selling reverse osmosis filter from Ecosoft is a budget-friendly, 6-stage RO filter that includes sediment pre-filters, carbon block filter, granular activated carbon filter, RO membrane for a reliable and thorough filtration.

The system also comes with an alkaline filter designed to reintroduce lost minerals during the filtration process and to produce wholesome, alkalinised filtered water.

The low running costs of the Ecosoft paired with easy maintenance and in-depth filtration make this system one of the best for those looking for a budged-friendly, high-performance water filter.

BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox Pumped Quick Change 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Designed for drinking water applications, the BMB-20 +Alkaline +Detox filter is installed under-sink, at a single point of use.

The 6-stage filtration process not only removes undesirable contaminants, but also enhances your tap water’s taste and healthiness by raising its pH level and adding healthy minerals to it.

All filters are replaceable at the same time (every 12 months), and the quick filter change technology makes the system easy to maintain.

BMB-30 NOVA PRO Direct Flow 9-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Those looking for nothing but the best in terms of reverse osmosis technology can take advantage of the BMB-30 NOVA PRO filter’s direct flow technology that eliminates the need for a reverse osmosis tank.

The 9-stage RO system goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional reverse osmosis system by lining up a list of advanced features. Thus, besides the direct flow technology, which increases the efficiency of the filter, the BMB-30 also comes with LED light-up during operation, automatic reverse flush of RO membrane, water analysis and tracking, and system performance optimization.

Ultraviolet Water Filters

Like reverse osmosis filters, UV filter systems are another example of best water filtration systems for residential application. UV filters are used to destroy pathogens and other microorganisms that contaminate water.

However, like with most water filtration system, UV filters are rarely used on their own. At a minimum, an UV filter system will need a sediment pre-filter as well to remove any suspended particle that may block or absorb UV lights from reaching bacteria.

UV water filters have many strengths that make them a powerful ally in solving microbiological issues with water. These filters sanitise water without the use of chemicals and without adding any other substances to water. Thus, the organoleptic properties of water are maintained.

UV light, however, doesn’t remove other types of contaminants like chlorine or any other contaminants apart from microorganisms. To overcome this drawback, UV water filters are usually paired with other filters including sediment filters, activated carbon filters and even reverse osmosis filters.

Best UV water filtration system: Luminor Blackcomb 5.0 UV System

The Blackcomb is a state-of-the-art UV water filter designed with efficiency and upradability in mind. The Blackcomb is built with an expandability port for future upgrades.

The system is equipped with a user interface, which features information such as remaining lamp life, diagnostics and warning system, QR codes to access lamp replacement information and videos.

The Blackcomb is capable of sanitising 57 litres of water per minute, and the lamp has a service life of up to 9000 hours.

The system is low-maintenance, the visual and audio lamp change alert lets you know when you need to replace the lamp, which is as simple as changing a lightbulb.

To get the best out of your UV water filter, make sure you add a 50-micron sediment pre-filter to your system, and depending on the quality of your tap water, you should consider pairing your UV filter with other filters to remove other contaminants prevalent in your tap water.

Other water filtration systems

While complex reverse osmosis and ultraviolet water filter systems are some of the best water filtrations systems, multi-stage water filters that use a combination of activated carbon and ceramic filters are also a reliable option to get premium quality water in your home.

Thus, under-sink water filters that use coconut shell carbon block filters and a blend of active ceramics or other filter media can also target microbiological, chemical and organic contaminants. These filters are also great for improving your tap water’s taste and odour, and balancing the pH of your water.

Doulton HIP Ultracarb Water Filter System

This Doulton water filter system contains the Doulton Ultracarb filter cartridge, which has the following characteristics:

  • 3-stage filtration within a single cartridge;
  • First stage Doulton Ultracarb ceramic provides sub-micron level filtration reducing turbidity, bacteria and cysts;
  • In the second stage, the silver locked within the ceramic structure confers self-sterilising properties to the filter;
  • The third stage features an inner core of activated carbon, which removes VOCs, chlorine, and industrial solvents;
  • The Sterasyl shell of the filter contains ATC media, which reduces heavy metals.

The Doulton HIP is a reliable under-sink water filter, which can be used for drinking water applications including icemakers and fridges.

H2O Pure Life 2 Year 6 Stage Under Counter Water Filter System

This H2O Pure Life under-sink filter is an advanced 6-stage filter, which can be used to remove and reduce heavy metals, chlorine, toxins, bacteria and other undesirable water ingredients.

The Pure Life features the following combination of filter media:

  • Silver impregnated granular activated carbon;
  • GAC mixed with patented riolyte;
  • KDF with a combination of copper and zinc;
  • The filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, and confers a bacteriostatic medium within the filter due to the silver impregnated GAC and KDF filter media;
  • The riolyte reintroduces healthy minerals to the water as well as increases pH of water making it more alkaline;
  • The filter lasts for up to 2 years or 18,925 litres before needing replacement.

The H2O Pure Life is suitable for anyone looking for a high-efficiency, low-maintenance and durable under-sink water filtration system.

H2O US3 6 Stage Advanced Water Filter System

Equipped with a fantastically long-lasting filter (up to 3 years service life), the H2O US3 is an advanced under-sink water filter system that features 6 filtration stages:

  • 1 sediment pre-filter and 2 x 5 micron sediment filters for fine particulate removal;
  • Silver impregnated carbon for chlorine, VOCs removal and bacteriostatic properties;
  • GAC media for further water polishing and taste and odour removal;
  • KDF filter media for chlorine, lead, mercury, arsenic, iron and other metal removal;
  • Riolite for water re-mineralising and pH balancing.

As an advanced water filter, the H2O US3 has a filtration capacity of 94,625 litres, serving you years on end before needing replacement.


The best water filtration systems are always those that don’t rely on a single type of filter media, but combine multiple filtration technologies into a single system. By testing your tap water, you’ll know exactly which water filtration system can most effectively handle the removal of contaminants in your tap water.