If you’re looking to customise the level and type of filtration at various water outlets in your home, point-of-use water filters (POU) are the easiest way to achieve that.

Let’s say you want to drink alkaline water from your kitchen tap, but you don’t insist on bathing, showering or washing your clothes with alkaline water.

Installing a central water treatment solution (point-of-entry filter) won’t allow you to pick and choose the level and type of filtration you want at any given water outlet in your home.

A POU filter, on the other hand, will offer plenty of ways to experiment with water filtration, so you can get the quality you want and need.

To get up to speed with the best point-of-use filters for your home, read our summary below of best-in-line filter systems that will improve the water quality in your home.

Advantages of POU Filters

Filters installed at a single point of use have multiple benefits, especially for individuals living in small homes or rentals.

Here are just a few of the benefits of POU water filters:

1.   Matching filtration level with purpose of use

As mentioned, POU filters allow you to customise the filtration level at every outlet. You want alkaline water for drinking but not for bathing? An undersink water filter can help you with that.

2.   Variety of filtration devices for every need

There is a filter for literally any need. You can get one for your shower, fridge, water heater, coffee machines, water dispensers, etc.

You can even get a filter in a bottle for when you want to filter water on the go. What’s more, there are filters designed for hikers, caravans, and expeditions, which meet the drinking water needs of smaller groups.

3.   Wide selection of installation-free & portable filters

What if you’re not keen on doing any plumbing work in your home? There’s a filter for that situation too!

Zero-installation or installation-free filters make it easier for you to set up a filter in your home without having to deal with any plumbing or filter taps.

These stand-alone and portable models can be placed on your countertop, you can set the up in your office or wherever there’s a need for an easy to use and no-installation water filter.

4.   Quick & easy filter changeover

Quick-change filter cartridges are the gold standard in filter cartridge technology. These filters don’t require a separate filter housing since they’re replaced in full.

They’re easy to replace with a simple twist, there’s no contact with the used filter media, no water leakage, just a quick replacement that anyone can carry out.

Now that you know about the benefits of having a POU water treatment system, let’s see some examples of POU filters you can have for your home.


Under-the-Counter Filter

Most common in households across the UK, undersink or under-the-counter water filters are plumbed-in water filters that are installed on the cold-water line and filter your kitchen tap water.

They can use various filtration technologies from reverse osmosis to other mixed-media filtration (e.g. activated carbon + ceramic filtration), and usually feature multiple filter cartridges or a single filter cartridge with multiple types of filter matter layered one onto the other.

Our top choice for an undersink filter is the Osmio D7 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System.

It checks off all the best features of an under-the-counter filter system — it’s inconspicuous, compact, yet offers a multi-stage filtration, and it’s easy to operate.

What’s surprising about this model is that it’s a direct flow reverse osmosis filter, which is a novelty in the sphere of reverse osmosis filtration.

The filter is designed to filter water instantly unlike older RO models that feature back pressure, RO tank, and come with bulky hardware.

What’s more, the D7 can even operate as a commercial water filter if your desired filtered water output is below 1000 litres per day, which is the amount of filtered water that the system is capable of producing daily.

Besides the three pre-filters and the 400 GPD membrane, there is an additional filter, and alkaline filter which polishes your tap water offering a better mouthfeel and pH optimization.

Plus, the filter comes with a 100% lead-free, stainless steel filter tap, so you don’t have to bother with spending extra on a separate tap.

Its plug & play components and quick-change filter cartridges, coupled with low maintenance costs make this filter an excellent choice whether for a household with a higher than average water consumption, or a small cafe or restaurant.


Countertop Filter

Countertop filters are a bit more varied not in terms of filtration technologies but in terms of installation.

Some of these filters are attached to your kitchen faucet, others are installation-free. In fact, if you’re going with a countertop POU filter, we recommend a zero-installation one.

Those that attach to your kitchen faucet can be a bit in the way, taking up space and possibly ruining the decor of your kitchen. In this respect, undersink filters do have the advantage of being out of sight.

And since we’re recommending that you choose an installation-free option, here’s our top pick: Osmio Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System.

Now this is a pretty filter and there aren’t many filters that would do justice to this description. The Osmio Zero countertop reverse osmosis filter, however, challenges everything that you know not only about water filters, but also about reverse osmosis filtration.

In fact, this filter looks nothing like a filter, which makes things all the more exciting.

In terms of features it has a tank that holds unfiltered water, 4-stage filtration (sediment filtration, chlorine filtration, 50 GPD membrane, and an antibacterial filter), and it can boil water.

Yes, you read that right! The Osmio Zero will filter your water with reverse osmosis and boil it too should you want to make a hot cup of tea. Therefore, it can dispense ambient water, warm water, hot water and boiling water.

But all these things are still not the strangest thing about this countertop filter. The strangest thing is that it doesn’t require any connection to your main water line since it’s operated electrically. This means you can place this filter literally anywhere there’s an electrical socket.

This countertop filter is costlier than traditional countertop models, but it offers something that other countertop filters cannot and that’s reverse osmosis filtration.

So, if you’re looking for a truly installation-free system that will deliver reverse osmosis-quality water, this filter is for you.


Shower Filter

Shower filters are a great way to pamper your skin, hair, and lungs while taking a hot shower. Since all water is chlorinated, every time you take a shower, you breathe in chlorine not only through your nose, but you also absorb it through the dilated pores of your skin.

Shower filters primarily target chlorine, but fancier models will help with scale and even bacteria. Most shower filters include granular activated carbon, ceramic spheres, and some even contain Vitamin C, which neutralizes chlorine.

There are various types of shower filters:

  • Those that install on the hose;
  • Those that replace your existing showerhead and have various spray settings;
  • Shower filters designed for electrical showers;
  • Shower filters that are installed on the shower arm.

When choosing a shower filter, you’ll need to take into account the type of filter you have and, of course, the type of contaminants you want removed.

And because chlorine is a major offender when it comes to shower and bathing water quality, the shower filter we recommend is the Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter.

The Vitafresh is a Vitamin C shower filter that neutralizes chlorine and can be installed in-line on your shower arm or shower hose.

The filter media is pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C, which is fully compliant with UK standards. The replaceable filter cartridges are rated for 10,000 litres.


Fridge Filter

Fridges that dispense chilled water are usually fitted with a filter that removes chlorine, sediments, and other unwanted water ingredients.

Like shower filters, these little devices are easy to replace and contain granular activated carbon and/or ceramic spheres.

When it comes to fridge filters, you can rely on brand-name filters that are compatible with the type of fridge you have, or you can choose generic filters that are compatible with your fridge.

Our online filter shop carries fridge filters for Samsung, Beko, Hotpoint and LG fridges. For a full list of compatible fridges, check the product description.


Scale Inhibitor

Scale inhibitors primarily target limescale, preventing it from sticking to surfaces (in more technical terms, scale-forming minerals are prevented from precipitating and adhering to surfaces), although some can also target chlorine and sediments.

These filters are usually installed in-line and they’re mostly used in bars, restaurants or in cold water dispensers.

Although they’re used predominantly in commercial settings, there are residential scale inhibitors too that can be used for water heaters, washing machines, etc.

The FT-Line VE Water Filter System is one of our favourite scale-inhibitor filters that can be used in both commercial and residential applications.

This affordable, 2-stage system targets limescale, chlorine, sediments, and VOCs. It can be used in residential and commercial applications.



Whatever your water filtration needs may be, there are filters that can help you achieve the water quality you want.

POU water filters are the most convenient way to deal with various water contamination issues that affect not only your drinking water, but also the water you use for bathing and washing.